Spreading the Word: Fun Ways of Announcing Your Engagement

It has finally happened: the two of you have agreed to get married and start a new part of your life together. After the joy and glow from the engagement, how do you decide to share the big news with everyone? Here are some fun engagement announcement photoshoot ideas that will get all of your friends and family excited for your big day too!

Ring 4.38.30 PMRing & Knot

One option would be to focus on the ‘knot’ that binds the two of you together for all the world to see. It’s a fun way to share the news and show off the gorgeous ring that now has a special place on your hand.


Another way would be to recruit others to help share the news, like a cherished family pet who also stole your hearts. Now you can really show off how much of a family you will be.
heart signchalk

Or there are always cute signs and drawings to help spread the word and make the news a little more special. This is a great way to have fun with the announcement and incorporate a bit of both of your personalities.


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