Picture Perfect: Moments You’ll Want to Remember (2 of 2)

As the reception comes to an end and the party begins, don’t miss these shots. Also try different filters and lighting to give your pictures a unique and memorable touch.


  1. The infamous kiss: A perfect picture to hang above your bed or set on your nightstand. These poses come in all different ways allowing couples to find a memorable and personal shot.                                                                            08458a3d75048ae52e68fbdbb0d9cf85 55591376619985872_WLRNvBZR_c 1085d22085ecc6d8745555021cbc6bed 9ff74ecd9e8079a08bb6fdd6a3ab410d
  2. On the dance floor: From the first dance, to the father/daughter number, or granny busting a move, you’ll want to capture it all.                                                                                                                                                                       b377a3ea4d922adabb4c9308f96d7148 451f553a107fa5410f37c5351feb4683 141cd23d4b51fa255ceff4f9871b6ce3 a56e7a13e01d39d8f1c1ddd515fd5d08 f1476358ecb8a167fafe2fd6326e52c9
  1. More we love:                                                                                                                                                                     36332dcd39388baba70334cfdcfe582a 37054b4355d17cf11e0293efdab2fffc 898515cdd2c62c57636542a86583730d 3526603ab7d561144fc9b346a21eb6b1 c1006732194304d8bfbc24b7dddd4a13 d3a5e571c05e0e7d7f147a7eda154cd2

Photography Credit:



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