DIY Wedding Favors: Before the Ceremony (1 of 2)

There is nothing your guests will love more after a long day of travel than a little treat when they check into their hotel. Welcome bags are a great way to introduce your guests to your wedding. You can pick items that represent the theme of your wedding, the city your wedding is in, or simply items you and your partner enjoy. Pick up items as you see fit to spread out the cost and personalize the bags with the colors of your wedding. Prepare your guests for a weekend of fun with these welcome bag ideas!

Local Tourism Guide with List of Hot Spots

During their free time, show your guests your favorite spots in town. Including a map of local attractions will help your guests easily navigate the city. Feel free to contact your local chamber of commerce to see if they will provide maps or coupons for local attractions.

map of city #1

map of city #2

Wedding Timeline

In the hurry of packing, your guests forgot their invitation with details about times and events. Calm their worries by providing a list of all events and their times throughout the weekend. Your guests will love staying in the know and are sure to be comfortably seated by the time the bride walks down the aisle.

wedding timeline


Is your city known for its mouth watering popcorn or delicious taffy? Include it in your welcome bag and give your guests a taste of the city. Putting snacks in colorful bags that reflect the theme of your wedding is a simple way to prevent hungry guests. Here are some other ideas you can include that are simple to mix together: trail mix, pretzels, or handmade snack mix.

snack mix


Nothing is worse than overpriced mini-bar drinks and waters. Help your guest save some money by including bottled waters or mini shots in your bags. Also, think about throwing in your favorite coffee or a local roast to give your guests a pick me up after a long night of twirling around on the dance floor.

drink welcome bag

Silly Party favors

If you provide your guests with a local tourism guide than what better way to help them document their trip around the city than with a disposable camera. You can collect the cameras at the end of the weekend to see how your guests spent their time during your wedding. You are sure to have some silly pictures that will be great keepsakes.


Here are some more welcome bags we love!

welcome bag #1welcome bag #2

welcome bag #3

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