DIY Wedding Favors: After the Ceremony (2 of 2)

As your guests slowly leave the dance floor and return home after a day full of fun wedding festivities, they will love to grab a handmade gift from the bride and groom. DIY favors are a great way to save money, yet still create something beautiful that all your guests will enjoy. Here are a few ideas any crafty couple will love to create!


Spinning away on the dance floor will leave your guests looking for something to satisfy their late-night cravings. Leave them with something they can munch on all the way home. Put these simple ingredients in a bag decorated with your wedding’s colors, attach a cute phrase, and you are sure to have a crowd pleaser on your hands.





When your guests take home flowers from your wedding, they are sure to think of how much fun they had when they see them bloom time and time again. They make a great favor for any rustic or natural wedding!

flowers #1flowers #2

Stick with your Theme

Continue the theme of your wedding straight through until the end by having your guests take home a theme-inspired favor. Whether your theme is nautical, rustic, or eclectic, there is a DIY favor for every wedding.

For the rustic wedding:

rustic wedding favor

Here is the link on how to make your own pinecone fire starters:

For the nautical wedding:

nautical wedding favor

For the eclectic wedding:

eclectic wedding favor

Here is a link on how to make your own CD covers:

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