Real CBE Wedding: Jenn and Jeremy // August 7, 2014

Last August, Cherry Blossom Events helped Jenn and Jeremy have the perfect day. The ceremony and reception were located at the beautiful Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin. The green and blue color palette was a fresh and crisp duo paired perfectly with the wood finishes, blue lake, and rolling green hills. As always, M Three Studio Photography captured their sunny summer day perfectly. Almost a year later, and we still love to look at these pictures! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day Jenn & Jeremy!

JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-788_zpscrexca3z JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-232_zpszmycso7m JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-738_zpsv2lycoqv JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-220_zps29rfvlge JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-213_zps3vmcx4by JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-367_zps3kpublrq JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-684_zpssva0p7ke JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-637_zpsmdy0dl82 JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-160_zpskzepc03w JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-150_zpslzl0ixhi JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-208_zpsafan4z5m JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-206_zpsznh6vrgoJJ_wedding_mthreestudio-202_zpst0imv1ke JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-194_zps9ta1o2li JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-203_zpsw0fy69nr JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-141_zpslehrkfdl JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-412_zpsz3a3m4ay JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-136_zpshk3qyudu JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-343_zpstp0ho3kf JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-170_zps8xiz7wzy JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-162_zpsfthnqrzx JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-309_zps8x1axsnm JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-104_zpshizbzixf JJ_wedding_mthreestudio-103_zpsixuinkhuJJ_wedding_mthreestudio-100_zpsvlj34pjw


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