Wedding Day Survival Guide: Emergency Bridesmaid Kit (1 of 2)

After months of planning and organizing, the big day has finally arrived. To ensure your wedding goes off without any hiccups, no matter how big or small, an emergency kit is the best way to go. If you work with Cherry Blossom Events to plan your wedding, we always carry our own kit with us. But if you don’t have a wedding planner, here are some items every bridesmaid should bring to the wedding!

Sewing Kit, for any rips or tears that may accumulate throughout the event.

Sewing KitTide to Go, especially for messy eaters, because nobody wants a stain hanging around all day or night.Tide

Dental Floss, to ensure picture perfect smiles after dinner.Floss

First Aid items, like hydrogen peroxide and band-aids, to keep any cuts or bruises in check.First Aid

Granola Bars, for an extra protein-filled snack to keep the bride going.Granola

Chapstick, so the bride can keep smiling without dry, chapped lips.Chapstick

Tissues are a must to help avoid running makeup, and running noses.Kleenex

Deodorant, to stay and feel fresh dancing the night away.Deodorant

Caffeine, so the bride stays wide awake as to not miss any part of her big day.Caffeine


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