Vendor Spotlight: Madison Sweets

Serving cupcakes to supplement, or take the place of, a cake is a popular option for many couples on their wedding day. Not only is there room for more variety, it also makes serving easier and more fun for guests.

To find those perfect cupcakes, look no further than local favorite Madison Sweets. With over 40 flavors there is sure to be an option for every sweet tooth in attendance. If not, staff will be happy to create and customize flavors and styles to ensure the right cupcake for your event.

Madison Sweets also makes a variety of macaroons and specialty popcorns that are perfect for completing your dessert bar, sending home as thank you’s, or simply as a late night snack.


If that isn’t enough, they also offer a wide-selection of handmade truffles. Perfect for gifts, or for yourself. After the night is over, you deserve some chocolate.

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