8 Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Tired of the same old cookie cutter wedding? Try some of these quick and easy ideas to make your wedding stand out among the rest!


  1. Hire a local food truck to provide your guests with a late night snack! We loved the cheese curd truck at Claire and Kort’s reception! Photo by Photos by Jenna Leigh.  939208.frank-305-medium


  1. Not up for picking rice out of your hair? Use pom-pom balls instead! They also add a pop of color perfect for photos! We had a blast incorporating them into Sarah and Leon’s ceremony. Photo by Athena Pelton Photography.                    134325.leonsarah462zpsa28d1979

  1. Toss the plain old pillow to the side and have some fun with your ring bearing! Kim and Kurt let their little guy create his own lego pillow! Photo by Kate Bentley Photography.168632.pickerellkbp0362zps816af82d-medium

  1. Green it up! Flowers are a great way to make your wedding memorable! Incorporate herbs and moss for a unique and fresh look. We loved how the moss looked at Emily and Nic’s wedding!  Photo by Ray + Kay Photography.737283.ne-406-zf-4562-20486-1-009

  1. Incorporate local business to give your wedding a touch of home, while taking your next big step in life. Heidi and Erik stocked up their coolers with a local brewery’s products!


  1. Ditch the old fashion cake toppers and have some fun! No one has forgotten Suzannah and Alex’s koala toppers. Photo by Audre Rae Photography.jfakl;


  1. Invite a special guest! Guests will new forget when the local mascot busts a move on your dance floor! Marisa and Nick had a blast with Bucky at their reception! Photo by Anna V Portrait Design.                                                                625808.16

  1. Change it up a bit and row to your cocktail hour! Guests are sure to remember your grand entrance. Kathleen and Bryce had a blast utilizing their lake side location! Photo by Anda Marie Photography.



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