7 Unique Ways to Make Your Ceremony Memorable

Your wedding is your first big adventure as husband and wife. Make it uniquely yours with these fun alternatives for your ceremony!

1. Have your grandmother(s) be the flower girl!


2. Instead of flowers, have your bridesmaids carry lanterns, clutch purses, or candles.

blog3 blog2

3. Play a non-traditional song while you walk down the aisle.

Have you always been a Beach Boys fan? Or love the song at the end of Love Actually? Canon in D is not required.

4. Provide lavender for your guests to throw instead of rice or bird seed.

            The scent is heavenly, and its eco-friendly!


5.  Create an entrance, for your ceremony.

Make an archway, or use old doors to make your entrance more memorable.


6.  Find two unique keys to exchange during the ceremony.

Have your ring bearer carry them down and after exchanging them attach them to your bouquet or boutonniere to symbolize that you hold the key to their heart.

7. Have your groomsmen or groom wear something other than a boutonniere.



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