A Bride’s Guide to Summer Style: Makeup and Hair (2 of 2)

Having the perfect makeup and hair for any bride is essential but getting that perfect look can be particularly tricky for summer brides who are dealing with the hot sun, sweat, and bugs. Here are a few new makeup and hair trends that are sure to stand up to the blistering sun and make you look flawless.

Makeup Trends

  1. Sun-kissed skin: Summer brides should follow the “less is more” motto and let their natural beauty shine through. This is a great look for those hot summer days because you will not have to worry about sweating off your makeup.
  2. sunkissedPink Lips: Adding a pink shade to your lips makes them look perfectly kissable. This color has taken off this summer season and is sure to look great in all of your photos.



Hair Trends

  1. Bohemian style: Long and loose beach waves with floral accents pairs perfectly with any summer beach or outdoor wedding.


2. Messy Up-do: This hairstyle is sure to keep a summer bride cool on a hot day by keeping her hair up and off of her neck.


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