Red, White and Totally You!: Planning Your Perfect 4th of July Party!

With the 4th right around the corner, we’ve gathered some great ideas to make your party one to remember! To get in the mood, decorate your party space with festive and patriotic decor! Here are a couple ideas we found. Perfect for an outdoor barbeque, cut out different size star templates and spray paint them onto your yard!


For a quick and easy craft project, cut up strips of ribbon and tie them around a circular piece of styrofoam for a patriotic wind chime!


Save old pringles cans to make cut firecracker centerpieces!


Now onto the food! A party wouldn’t be complete without awesome snacks! Instead of putting out bowls of chips and dip, try some of these fun appetizers! Pigs in a blanket are always a crowd pleaser. Put a patriotic spin on them and wrap a whole hot dog and add star made of cheese on the top! Fruit platters are always great for parties! Slice some strawberries and add in blueberries and yogurt covered pretzels to make a fun flag fruit tray.  For dessert dip strawberries in white chocolate and blue sprinkles!

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The last part to a successful party in the entertainment! Break out the classic backyard games like ladder ball, bean bag toss, and bocce ball for some friendly competition! Add in some new favorites like a patriotic photo booth and jumbo jenga! For the kids, spray paint the twister game board on your yard for hours of fun! Other ideas could include ring toss, balloon darts , pin the star on the flag, horse shoes or backyard bowling! Your guests are sure to stick around a while with these fun activities!

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No 4th of July party would be complete without fireworks! Put out sparklers, poppers and snappers to wrap up the party!


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