Finding Your Wedding Color Scheme

Color is a big aspect of setting the right mood and aesthetic of any event, but even more so when it comes to your wedding. Having the right colors that complement each other and that let the bride and groom shine on their big day is very important. But how do you decide which colors, and how many, to incorporate at the wedding? Here are some tips on how to find the best colors for your wedding.

Although there is strength in numbers, you typically don’t see more than three or four colors in one weddings palette. Too many colors can get overwhelming and generally the more color the more difficult it can be to design the perfect balance.

If you are looking for a timeless, classic wedding, a neutral color palette would be best. Some colors that would fall in this category include tan, white, ivory, gold, or champagne.


For a more playful, modern wedding, trying a bright, bold, colorful scheme is the way to go. Having bright pops of reds, pinks and yellows against other colors that may not seem typical, like blues, purples or greens, is a fun way to make a statement.


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