Picture Perfect: Things your wedding photographer wishes you knew

Wedding pictures are something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to make your day picture perfect!

Pick the right one:

Each photographer is going to have a different level of skill and style. It is important to pick someone that matches the style that you are looking for. Asking a photographer to change their style is basically asking them to not do their best work. Instead, choose well and give them the freedom to be creative.



Great pictures take time:

Timelines can be great! However, don’t forget to be flexible. To get really great pictures it is going to take more than 20 minutes, especially if you have a larger bridal party or family. Not having to rush will make everyone feel more relaxed and allow your photographer the needed time to capture those perfect shots.



Light is so important:

The amount of light and hour of day can drastically affect your pictures. Make sure that your photographer is aware of not only the venue, but also the time of each event. Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but harsh light or shadows can be a difficult obstacle for any photographer to handle. Pictures taken later in the day, especially during the “golden hour” are going to turn out best, giving off a warm glow.



Have an unplugged ceremony:

It can be impossible these days to get a good aisle shot with everyone holding up a phone, or worse an iPad. You don’t want your photographer to miss your kiss, because an amateur photographer got in the way. Instead, ask your guests to not take personal pictures during the ceremony so they can enjoy your celebration!



Don’t let Pinterest run your day:

Pinterest can be a great way to get inspiration for your big day, but don’t let it cloud reality. It can be very difficult to perfectly re-create all of the images you desire. The expectations will only leave you and your photographer frustrated.


Break the Rules:

Today is your special day, do what you want to! Don’t feel obligated to follow traditional wedding picture poses. Think outside the box and have fun with it! Being relaxed and enjoying your time will make for the best pictures and the most memorable experience.



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