Tips and Tricks to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

Balancing work, family and social life while planning a wedding can make your head spin, so we’ve compiled a short list of our tried and true strategies to manage our schedules. Whether you’re an old-fashioned pen and paper gal or a tech saavy scheduler, taking a few minutes to schedule will save you time and stress in the long run.

Your New Best Friend: A Monthly Planner

Pick a small paper planner in a cute pattern that will motivate you to actually use your planner. Target, Kate Spade and Erin Condren have a plethora of options that are adorable and practical. Target combines style and affordability, Kate Spade is quirky yet professional and Erin Condren is truly a life planner.

Fill your planner with your weekly and monthly schedules, incorporating multiple colors of ink to differentiate schedules. For example, use purple ink for bridal fittings and blue ink for work functions. In addition, use sticky notes as a way to compile miscellaneous to-do lists and important tidbits to remember.

One way to mark multiday projects or weekend getaways is with washi tape. Use light colors and write on the tape to serve as a reminder for days that need to be blocked off such as a bachelorette party weekend getaway!

Integrate your Activities with Online Calendars

Both Google Calendars and iCloud are great options to streamline your schedules to all your devices. Using either a Google or Apple account, create schedules that incorporate times, locations and reminders for important events. This practical option is great for checking your schedule on the go and coordinating meetings with online, shareable calendars.

Another way to manage your schedule online is by using a desktop wallpaper that serves as artwork and a monthly calendar. Graphic designers such as Dawn Nicole Designs and Bonnie Christine create free downloadable, aesthetically pleasing and practical wallpapers for each month!

Bonnie Christine's October-inspired desktop wallpaper

Bonnie Christine’s October-inspired desktop wallpaper

The key to staying organized and on top of your schedule is to take the time to find a method that works for you. Use these methods to base your scheduling but make adjustments to create a plan that is the most convenient and effective for you!

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