Fall Wedding Myths (1 of 2)

An autumn wedding doesn’t have to be pumpkin centerpieces and foliage hues. Instead try incorporating some of fall’s newest trends to debunk these common myths.

You must have a Fall Foliage Color Scheme

Although these color schemes can be beautiful, it doesn’t mean you have to incorporate them. Instead get inspired by rich and glamorous hues that still fit the season. We suggest considering plum or marsala mixed with creams or whites, or deep blue which pairs exquisitely with shades of gold. If your heart is set on bright, summery colors try combining them with a darker fall hue.

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 Your Bridesmaid Dresses should Incorporate Heavy Material

Avoiding super summery fabrics such as eyelet may be a smart choice, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid all lightweight fabrics. Silk can be a perfectly appropriate choice for a fall wedding. The deciding factor should really be which fabric and color is going to complement your special ladies best. Trust us, no one is going to complain if you put them in a slimming dark number. You can always add accents of bright colors in their flowers or sashes if you end up choosing a dark bridesmaid dress.

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