Halloween Wedding Ideas

Good news for modern brides who prefer cooler temps over sunny Summer days, fall weddings are all the rage. Whether you’re having a Halloween wedding or just in the holiday spirit, get inspired by some of our Halloween wedding ideas if you’re brave enough to go a little dark on your big day. A Halloween-themed bash is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.



A simple yet elegant way to incorporate this holiday theme into your wedding is to focus your color palette on rich, dark colors. Silver chargers and ornate silver goblets along with antique candelabras can add that classic wedding look you may still be looking for. Finally, candles are an easy way to add to the spooky ambience.

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Nothing says ’til death do us part’ better than a spooky wedding cake. When it comes to your cake, focus on the flavor by requesting red velvet. Or go with a classic flavor and incorporate black frosting to coordinate with the rest of your wedding day details.

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A signature cocktail is a delicious way to personalize your spooky themed wedding menu. Ask your caterer to create a signature drink for your cocktail hour using fall flavors such as apples or pomegranates. Or add spooky embellishments as an extra treat for your guests.

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