Gift Wrap Ideas

Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

Kraft paper makes an attractive yet sturdy wrapping for oddly shaped packages and simple boxes alike.  Once wrapped add special trimmings such as sprigs, berries, leaves with glitter, or silver paint, and finish with a festive gift tags.

Another fun way to add personality to your holiday wrapping is to include stamping.  Simply wrap your gift in the paper and use a large stamp with a festive pattern, or dip one end of  a wine cork or into ink or a dark fruit juice and begin stamping patterns.

Easy to find and work with, vintage and repurposed papers add pop to presents. Layer different colors and textures, or add vintage gift tags for a finished look.

Children’s drawings make for inexpensive and delightful homemade gift wrap. Have kids doodle on craft paper, or plain wrapping paper, it is a sweet way to personalize gifts.

Glitter Gift Wrap

Add a little sparkle to the holiday season by adding your favorite glitter and confetti to your custom gift wrap. Just remember a little goes a long way!

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