Stylish Send Offs

After all of the hard work you’ve put into your big day, you deserve to be sent off in style! Take the unconventional route with these fun ideas as you walk into this new stage of life!

Glow Sticks:

For a splash of color, glow sticks are a fun way to light up your night! This is also an eco -friendly option for your guests to cheer you on as you exit the reception.

glow stick pic


To add some sparkle to your wedding, switch things up by having guests toss sequins instead of flower petals as you make your grand exit.sequins pic Cheer Poms:

Do you and your significant other cheer for rival teams? Provide your guests with cheer poms that represent each side and have them pick their favorite team! Or maybe you and your partner met at school, use cheer poms with your school’s colors to incorporate a meaningful part of your love story.

cheer poms

Just like a scene out of Tangled, have your guests release lanterns to celebrate this new season of life you’re about to embark on.lanterns pic

Ribbon Wands:

If you’re going for a more whimsical send off, ribbon wands are the way to go! This is a great DIY project that you can easily personalize to match the colors and style of the look you’re going for!

ribbon wands picPom Pom

Try a non-traditional approach by having guests throw pom pom balls as you exit. Not only is this a unique take on wedding send offs, but it also adds a bright pop of color to your wedding photos!

View More: poms pic 1










To cap off a fantastic wedding, give your guests a roll of streamers to throw at you as you make your way to the getaway car!streamers pic

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