Mothers Day Gifts for the Mom Who Has It All

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Not sure what to get for mom this upcoming Mother’s Day?  Consider these thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break your budget, add to her clutter, or be forgotten any time soon.

+You’ve done flowers before, but consider a hand-crafted paper bouquet that will last quite a bit longer.  Displayed on a bookcase or dresser, the “flowers” will be a visual reminder of your love—and craftiness!

paper bouquet

+Write her a letter.  Take some uninterrupted time to sit down and think of all the reasons you love and admire mom.  She’s sure to hold on to it, and sure to reread.  What a fantastic gift for a person who works so hard.

+Create a photo slideshow of you two throughout the years.  Set to a song you know she loves or that has special meaning for your family.

+Compile a coupon book.  Sometimes the greatest gift is a helping hand.  A book of coupons that she can redeem throughout the year will take a bit of pressure off of her.  Add things like “1 free car cleaning”, or “breakfast in bed.”  

coupon book

+Plan a mini-vacation!  Chances are your mom has a lot on her plate.  And chances are there are things in her own backyard she’d love to do, but hasn’t gotten around to  yet.  So this Mother’s Day, make a list of the shopping, dining, outdoor, or any other activities she’s been wanting to check out.  Then spend the weekend crossing off as many as you can!


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