Environmentally Conscious Wedding Ideas (2 of 2)

Earlier this week we talked about a few ways to plan more environmentally friendly weddings–we covered ways to reduce your footprint when choosing flowers and food. This post will cover a few more tips ranging from tabletop decor to your wedding gown!

+Things like baked goods and other consumables make excellent wedding favors.  This way, folks can still take something home, but you ensure that it’s something that will be used up and not another knick-knack destined for the landfill.  If you choose to do favors in the form of a candy bar or baked goods, be sure to choose recyclable or compostable materials for guests to take them home in.

candy bar

+Sometimes, the most environmentally friendly thing you can do is make sure items that already exist live a long, full life!  So consider heading to the resale shop, borrowing from friends, or even perusing your own home to see what kinds of things you can repurpose for your wedding.  Can you buy, borrow, or rent used vases and other decor?  Can you wear a vintage gown or have one made from fabric a friend already owns?  Can you and your fiance exchange vintage rings?  Get creative! All these ideas make great use of existing resources—and anytime you can manage that, you make a big dent in your environmental impact!

vintage ring

+Invitations can use a lot of resources to create and send. If you’re going to plan a wedding with a lighter environmental impact, consider sending primarily electronic invitations to guests. You can always have a handful of print invitations made to keep for yourselves (and parents, close family, your bridal party) and any guests you think may have an easier time managing with a print invitation.  Customizable, beautiful electronic invitations are easy to find and becoming more and more popular!

What other tips do you have for planning an environmentally friendly wedding and reception? We’d love to hear from you! 


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