Vendor Spotlight: Green Blooms

Green Blooms is a brand new non-profit beginning in Madison and seeks to give your wedding and event flowers a second wind by donating them to hospitals and nursing homes.  We talked with Natalie Imbimbo, the non-profit’s creator to learn more about Green Bloom’s mission and how to donate!

natalie headshot real

How did your non-profit begin? What led you to starting this project?

Green Blooms started out of three distinct ideas- my love for flowers,  passion for green living, and my desire to give back. Since I was little I have always wanted to work with flowers. They have the ability to instantly change your mood, make you smile and feel calm all at the same time, which is very powerful! Sustainability is very important to me, that’s why I am putting my focus on the “one time use” market of event flowers. Although flowers are just a decor item, they have such a strong meaning tied to them, They are our way to show others that they are loved and cared about. “Giving back” means different things to different people. I find such joy in helping others discover a new avenue for donation in their community. I love being able to take beautiful, natural elements, give them a new life, and deliver them to those in need of cheer.

Tell us how it works!

It’s easy! We will pick up the flowers at the end of the event (or the next morning depending on the venue), re-arrange your flowers into smaller bouquets if needed, and deliver them to area nursing homes, hospitals and shelters. If your vases are rented, we will deliver the vases back to your florist if they are within the Madison metro area. As a small non-profit organization, we have a suggested donation to help cover fuel costs, supplies, and operational expenses. The donation is typically 10% of the market value of your flowers. For example, if you spend $2000 on flowers, the suggested donation is $200. Upon delivery of flowers, donors will receive a thank you letter along with photos of their flowers serving their second purpose and a tax deductible letter that indicates the market value of your donated flowers plus the monetary donation for our services.

What do you hope the community will gain from your non-profit?

Flower donation is an easy, low commitment way to give back. By repurposing “one time use” flowers and delivering them to the ill and elderly in our community, we show them that we care and support them through a simple and beautiful gesture.

What else would you like folks to know about your project?

Flower donation is tax deductible!! We help people go green and earn some green by recycling their event flowers.  Green Blooms is a brand new non-profit and we are currently working diligently on our 501(c)(3) status and our website (under construction). Call or email me to book your flower donation pick up.

Natalie Imbimbo 561.445.0984


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