Casual Summer Looks for Grooms

Having a casual summer wedding?  While there are countless options for casual bridal styling, grooms’ get-ups can be a tad trickier.  We’ve rounded up a few casual looks for grooms and groomsmen that still look sharp.

In denim and chambray shirts, these groomsmen exude casual cool. Leather belts and similar-toned shoes across the board keep the look cohesive.

groom 1

This look is perfect for weddings on the water and in the sand.  Boat shoes and rolled cuffs keep things super casual, and the bowtie is a fun bit of style.  We also love the parallel between this bride’s unbuttoned bouquet and the groom’s loose, relaxed boutonniere.  

groom 2

Flax-hued separates work well against the natural background of any outdoor wedding.  With no tie, rolled sleeves, and the coordinating (but not matching!) pieces of this groom’s outfit, it’s perfect for a casual warm weather wedding!

groom 3

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