CBE Owners’ Monirose Bespoke Gowns

Before this year’s annual Frostiball at the Overture Center for the Arts,  Andrea and Sarah, owners of Cherry Blossom Events, partook in a very special process.  Each had a custom gown created for the event by Monirose, a bespoke bridal gown designer in Madison, Wisconsin.  

collage 3Monica of Monirose is a self-taught designer whose passion for custom one-of-a-kind gowns began during her own wedding dress search.  Unable to find something she truly loved at the price point she hoped for, she realized she could create her own—and she did!  And now she does exactly that for brides who crave a unique gown and a more personal experience when choosing what to wear on their special day.  Having been able to see her skills first hand as their past brides, bridesmaids and even mothers of the bride have worked with Monica, Sarah and Andrea fell in love with her process and decided it was a perfect fit for their Frostiball gowns.

collage a

collage s

Considering a custom wedding gown?  Andrea and Sarah share their experience with Monirose Bespoke Bridal:

We loved the experience of selecting fabrics and having such a personal experience with fashion.  It was amazing to see all of Monica’s beautiful work and watch her sketches come to life. We would recommend a custom gown with Monica to anyone!  It’s amazing to have a dress created just for you and your shape.  It was especially lovely to share the experience with each other for such a fun night out for us!


final product




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