Luxe Outdoor Reception Lounges (1 of 2)

Don’t think for a second that an outdoor wedding has to mean sacrificing the luxury of more posh indoor venues.  This week, in a two part series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite outdoor wedding lounge areas as well as tips and tricks to pull them off at your own celebration!

1This dreamy scene, set up on a brick paver patio, is simple and pretty.  A vintage sofa with updated upholstery adds charm and whimsy; throw pillows made from repurposed burlap sacks keep things down to earth.  Hang empty frames with cool details behind seating to create boundaries without closing the space off.

2More open seating—like these ottomans—is perfect for creating space for guests in a casual way.  Heap some pretty throw pillows up top to make things more comfy! And position furniture in vignettes like this one to separate sitting and dining areas in an otherwise open space.

3We love the glam of all these chandeliers.  Airy drapes define the edges of the space and make it feel cozy, but still open and elegant.  Low seating peppered throughout the space create movement and make the open area seem super large.  

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