Luxe Outdoor Reception Lounges (2 of 2)

Earlier this week, we shared some seriously cool outdoor lounge areas to make your reception unforgettable.  And today, we’re jumping right back in with even more tips and inspiration for how to create your own!

4Whenever possible, use rugs to define your seating space—they’re the simplest way to communicate to guests to relax and get comfy.  Make sure to place plenty of tables throughout for folks to set down drinks and hors d’oeuvres during conversation.

extra 5 if neededWe love this more casual (rustic-chic, if you will!) set-up.  Covered hay bale benches wind back toward standing tables and warm lighting creates a super cozy atmosphere.  Vintage-style lanterns, an oversized chandelier, and string lights in the branches all work together to make the place glow.  The more you can vary the level of the lighting you use (some high, some low and anywhere in between), the better illumination you’ll have well into the evening.

6So striking.  A faux fireplace helps this outdoor lounge space feel super homey and cozy, while open shelves with sparse candles define the space and allow the eye to travel all the way to the mountains on the horizon.  The antler chandelier and mirror over the mantle draw your eye up, and weathered furniture create the illusion of being right at home—the ultimate feat in making such a wide open space feel intimate.
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