Be Our Guest: Invitations (2 of 2)

As your wedding day begins to approach, it is time to send out your invitations. Many want to choose the perfect invitation to set the theme and style for their wedding, giving guests a sneak peek into their memorable big day. Whether you’re an elegant, country, modern or classic bride, the following invitations will appeal to everyone.

Rustic with a modern twist is the theme for the following invitation ideas that will be sure to wow your guests.








These ideas are absolutely stunning. The black and gold adds an elegant feel and the sparkle makes it really pop. The great thing about these are that you can choose whatever color to match your style and still create the same effect.

















These wedding invitation ideas are unique enough that most of your guests have probably never seen them before. The copper gives a vintage touch, while the clear is more whimsical yet modern.










Photography Credit:–e2NFjBd6cY7S6CTlKT0g7fL2Tyqa-k2Wbxm8zf/

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