Kid Friendly Wedding

On your wedding day you want all of your guests to have a great time, even the children. There are plenty of ways to make your young guests feel just as special as the adults. Everything from creating a kid friendly menu and sending them home with their own personal wedding favors to offering a variety of activities and games will help to keep them entertained and having fun all through your wedding ceremony and reception. Check out some of our favorite ideas to keep children busy at your wedding.

If the children are old enough why not let them sit at a table of their own.










Set aside a kids only area stocked with coloring books, bubbles, puzzles, ring toss, etc. You can also let them help you capture memories from your wedding with an I spy with my little camera scavenger hunt.










 While the parents are sipping cocktails, why not have a signature drink for the kids as well. You can even offer milk and cookies and other kid approved treats. Chances are the adults won’t be able to resist either.











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