Thanksgiving Day Table Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around a table, be with the people who mean the most to you, and eat one of the best meals of the year. And while the food itself is very important, where everyone sits around deserves just as much attention. Regardless if you want to go all out or are just looking for something different, take a look at these table decorations and layouts to consider for this Thanksgiving day.

Consider continuing the fall season with chalk-painted pumpkins for a center to the table. Chalk paint is the perfect way of turning a pumpkin into something to be admired. You can simply use multiple colors to form a pattern, or put your own personal touch around the pumpkin to bring the table together.

thanksgiving-table-decor-casa-de-perrin      gallery-1444836743-table-2

Gold is trending in the decorating world. Whether it’s small accents or the main element, it’ll be sure to add beauty and elegance to your table.

54bf95026665f_-_thanksgivingtablescape2-lgn    thanksgiving-table-decor-design-improvised

For something a little different, consider embracing the calligraphy trend and put it as an element on the table. This table layout found in the popular store, Mangolia, is a great example of how one simple word can bring the table together.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Everyone loves the kids table, but sometimes it ends up just being a simple fold up card table. Where’s the fun in that? Try adding some decorative touches or even make the table something to write on to keep the kids entertained.

b80d294d7cea66058a56e6fc4f4c335d    gallery-1475183014-untitled

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