Vendor Spotlight: Flying Rabbit Press





One of the first elements shared with guests of your wedding are the invitations, so choosing the right font and design is an important detail. Kate Clapper, a printmaker who owns Flying Rabbit Press loves to work with individuals to help create beautiful invitations and wedding stationery. Kate is dedicated to providing specialized designs that will perfectly match your personality and the wedding as a whole.

Located in Madison WI, Flying Rabbit Press is committed to using high quality materials and craftsmanship using a vintage letterpress. Whether you come in and have no idea what you want or already have an idea ready to print, Kate will ensure a beautiful outcome.

Check out some of Kate’s work below.
301573_260943213948530_1728662622_n   223642_226728254036693_3992264_n
391790_287153574660827_2052539939_n   11330038_906880186021493_405114773324194150_n

10923247_847858635256982_1689327392987181510_n   10389328_868568233186022_1981799899978542576_n


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