Alternatives to Wedding Cake (1 of 2)

According to Julia Child, “A Party without Cake is just a Meeting”. But recently, weddings have been challenging that idea with alternatives to cake for their guests. The traditional snapshot of the bride and groom sharing cake with each other is still done, they just use their own individual cake rather than one that everyone shares. Depending on the season of wedding, there are plenty of sweet treats to make your day stand out.

If fall is your season, try fitting with the time of year and have a caramel apple bar or even a popcorn buffet. Either of these choices is sure to be a hit and is fun for any aged guest.

a78caea5d9cc95f4c643eaf442323b60   caramel-apple-bar-big-sky-wedding-1

If you’re looking to have a winter wedding, think about having a warm treat for your guests to enjoy with various choices, the more variety the better.

800x800_1455765290503-image    smores-bar-candy-display

A spring wedding is a time of year where it may still be cold, but people are already getting excited for summer. If your wedding is around Easter, think about having various colored macaroons to match the season’s colors.

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Summer weddings scream ice cream, or at least they do now. Including a popsicle bar, or even in drinks would definitely get people talking.

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