Winter Wedding

While winter isn’t the most popular time to get married, the holiday season is one of the most beautiful and romantic times of the year. Winter weddings are becoming more and more heard of, but still are not seen as often as during the other seasons, so why not take a chance and step out of the crowd. Below are some ideas for the perfect winter wedding, everything from invitations to the favors taken home at the end of the night, that will have your guests hoping they will get to attend another warm and cozy winter wedding.

Let your guests know how excited you are for your big day with these festive wedding invitations.




Combining white and dark red or purple flowers provide the perfect contrast to incorporate into your wedding, or you can go the unconventional route and create a unique bouquet of pine cones and baby’s breath.









Adding candles and lights to your centerpieces will give a cozy and romantic feel to your wedding.









Everyone loves cake! These ideas are absolutely gorgeous while still looking delicious.



You can’t have a winter wedding without everybody’s favorite warm treat, hot chocolate. As for a signature drink, cranberry sangria and mulled wine are popular among guests.









Send your guest’s home with something that they will actually love and use. Smores and coffee beans are always good options, but what about an evergreen? This fun idea will have guests remembering your big day long after it is over.












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