DIY Holiday Wreaths

The holiday season is the perfect time to settle in, get cozy, and craft. (And if you’re anything like us, you’ve already got a hot cup of cocoa and Mariah Carey playing in the background.) This DIY holiday wreath is a fun and simple craft to make any room festive for the holiday season!



Step 1: Gather your materials.



  • Embroidery hoop: This can be any size. You can spray paint it gold, stain it, or leave it natural wood.
  • Decorative pieces: berries, pine cones, ribbon, holly, and anything else you’re drawn to as you peruse the aisles
  • Cardstock: Print out fun holiday phrases on card stock using different fonts or try your hand at your own calligraphy. Have fun with it!



Step 2: Use scissors and a hot glue gun to cut sprigs and attach your decor to the hoop as you please.








Step 3: VOILA! Hang up your wreath for all of your holiday guests to admire.


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