Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Guestbooks are great ways to look back and remember the people that were a part of all the cherished memories from your wedding day. While classic and traditional guest books are still popular, unique and interactive alternatives are a fun way to get your guests more involved. So, forget about the simple journal and pen and check out some of our favorite non-traditional ideas.

Signs, benches, pictures, etc., all of these are great ideas that can be used as décor in your home long after the wedding is over.












Another great alternative guestbook idea is advice cards. With guests of all ages, there will be no doubt that you receive plenty of helpful advice. Giving guests the opportunity to write their wishes for the happy couple provides a sweet and sentimental keepsake.










Create a time capsule with messages and videos that can be opened on your 1st anniversary or set out a camera for guests to take polaroid’s of themselves. If you have a large wedding, it may be difficult for your photography to capture photos of all your guest, so this is another nice way to look back to see everyone that came out to celebrate your big day.












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