The Wedding Party: Bridesmaids (1 of 3)

So you just got engaged and it’s time to pick those special ladies that will support you throughout the journey to your big day. Once that decision has been made, you are all off to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. What better way to show your appreciation than by making those closest to you look as beautiful as ever. Below are some of the most popular and exciting bridesmaid trends.

If you are looking to keep a traditional feel to your wedding, choosing to have the bridesmaids wear the same color and dress is the way to go.

Looking for something a bit more unique. Why not try a different style of dress, but all still the same color. This way the ladies will be able to choose a style that best fits them and their personality, while still having your wedding party look put together.

Today we are seeing more and more brides choosing to have their bridesmaids wear different styles and colors. Some decide to go with different shades of the same color, while others opt for completely different colors, but all still within the wedding theme and color palate. Just make sure if you choose this route you spend time ensuring the mix of colors are nicely balanced.

For those really looking to make a bold statement, pattern in bridesmaids dresses is a fun trend to consider as well.

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