The Wedding Party: Groomsmen (2 of 3)

You didn’t think we forgot about the men, did you? Now that the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids have been found, it is time to find the groomsmen attire. Whether you are looking for something sophisticated, unique, or casual, there are some important things to take into consideration during your search. Take some time to make sure the color and style of tux coordinates with not only the bridesmaids, but with the overall theme of the wedding as well. You should also consider, dressing the groom in something that sets him apart from the groomsmen. Below are some great ideas for your wedding style of choice!

Classic black and white looks crisp and clean making it a good option for a more formal wedding. Navy is another popular choice that goes with nearly everything.

Looking to have a more casual wedding, no problem. These options would work great for an outdoor or rustic wedding.

Since mismatched bridesmaid dresses is a popular trend, why not try it for the groomsmen as well. Again, you can do so with different colors, styles, or both.

Adding color or mixed prints to the groomsmen attire is another fun option to consider.

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