Vendor Spotlight: Crescendo espresso bar + music cafe


Every couple is always looking for the one factor that will set their special day apart for their guests. If you are someone in the Madison area looking for something unique to add to your wedding or event in general, look no further. Crescendo is an espresso bar and music cafe located on Monroe Street that offers a wonderful atmosphere and coffee, both in their shop as well as on the road. The founding team of Cait and Paul Sirianni are a duo focused on serving their customers and community well, which they certainly do exceptionally.

Crescendo hosts various events throughout the week to provide local artists with a space to share their talents, creating not only just a coffee shop but a welcoming community.


In addition to their brick and mortar shop, Crescendo travels with their mobile cafe, bringing the goodness of their coffee to your event. You may also see Crescendo in various spaces around Madison, with their pop-up shop featured in other local businesses in the city. To see where Crescendo is or to request a booking for your wedding or event, visit their website


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