For Our #LittleBlossoms

Happy Mother’s Day. To all the mom’s out there we hope that you feel loved and appreciated today. Take some well deserved time to relax, enjoy your family, and indulge in having a day to celebrate you.

In our first year of business, we both became new moms. Nobody prepares you for what that will feel like…or look like…or be like! We also felt the same way about starting our own business.

Now more than seven years later and five #littleblossoms later we couldn’t be happier with where we are at. We are on the other side of that leap, while still taking more leaps and closing our eyes to jump to the next thing each day. We’re lucky that our kids know us as moms who love their jobs. As dreamers, and as doers. As business owners and amazing multi-taskers. Or is that how we hope they perceive us? It’s funny that for as much as we hope to inspire them, they actually inspire us. They drive our passion that much more. Our passion for celebrating all of life’s moments with thoughtful details that make you escape to a magical time. Celebrating the small things in our everyday life in the biggest way. Whatever the reason for the celebration, we just like to celebrate. Life is too short and our love is too great to not celebrate the moments. All of the moments in which we’ve been blessed to have – good or bad, small or large, they are moments given to us that we choose to celebrate. Whether a pancake party in bed with sticky syrup fingers and spilled juice in our sheets or a glass of wine while watching the kids play in the backyard – – today we are celebrating.

Enjoy your day moms!

Andrea and Sarah

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