Creating Your Perfect Wedding Registry

As you and your partner plan your special day, don’t let the next stage of your lives fall by the wayside.  Creating a gift registry tailored to your tastes and needs will ensure that you’ll have everything you need to start this new chapter together on the right note!

Many younger couples can really benefit from the convenience of a gift registry.  Registering for everyday essentials like quality cookware, cutlery, and bed and bath linens takes the stress out of just starting out together.  Your registry is also an excellent place to ask for the items you know you’d use and love, but might not buy for yourself.  If you love baking, for example, consider asking for a quality stand-mixer or high-end pieces that will last you a lifetime.  If the two of you are outdoorsy, a great tent and camping gear may be excellent gifts that you get lots of use out of.  So spend some time considering what kinds of gifts will be meaningful to you and your partner.






Some couples ask for donations toward their honeymoon—this is a great way to take some pressure off of funding your newlywed getaway, and loved ones appreciate the chance to help fund a trip you’ll always remember.

Another trend that more established couples are gravitating toward puts a humanitarian spin on wedding registries.  More and more couples are opting out of receiving gifts and instead ask their friends and families to donate to a charity of choice in their name.  This is a great way for newlyweds whose home is already well-stocked to make an impact on a cause that’s close to their hearts.

Remember that your loved ones are excited to choose gifts that will be useful and meaningful to you.  Registering for gifts, donations, or any other thing you dream up is an excellent way to show off your personal style or values.  Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page: any tips for creating the perfect registry? Any other trends in registering you’ve seen?




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Vendor Spotlight: Madison Sweets

Serving cupcakes to supplement, or take the place of, a cake is a popular option for many couples on their wedding day. Not only is there room for more variety, it also makes serving easier and more fun for guests.

To find those perfect cupcakes, look no further than local favorite Madison Sweets. With over 40 flavors there is sure to be an option for every sweet tooth in attendance. If not, staff will be happy to create and customize flavors and styles to ensure the right cupcake for your event.

Madison Sweets also makes a variety of macaroons and specialty popcorns that are perfect for completing your dessert bar, sending home as thank you’s, or simply as a late night snack.


If that isn’t enough, they also offer a wide-selection of handmade truffles. Perfect for gifts, or for yourself. After the night is over, you deserve some chocolate.

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How to Bridal Shower: Games (2 of 2)

Now that you have a theme and decorations picked out for your bridal shower, it’s time for the fun part: games! Picking out the itinerary for the event is always fun, but there are so many activities out there that it can be hard to narrow down to just a few. Here is a list of some of the top bridal shower games!

He Said, She Said

This game is always a favorite. First have all the guests fill out a paper quiz, guessing who they said or initiated something (such as, who asked who out first, who initiated the first kiss, or who wears the pants in the relationship). Once guests fill out their guesses, have the bride and groom stand in front and answer for themselves.


Mr & Mrs Quiz

This is the ultimate “how well do you know your groom/bride” game. Ask the bride and groom questions about each other in front of guests to see if they can answer them correctly, and if they can’t, I’m sure some answers will be pretty entertaining! Share the questions with guests first and have them pick if they think the couple will answer correctly. Some questions you could ask include “what is his/her middle name?”, “has he/she ever broken a bone?”, “how many kids does he/she want?”, or “what’s his/her favorite song?”.

Mr & Mrs

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge

Have guests team up to try to create a replica of the bride’s dress, or even just make a recognizable wedding dress, out of toilet paper! Guests will be able to use their creativity and it’ll be a laugh to wrap one person from the group in toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Pin the Veil on the Bride

For this game, all you need is a picture of the bride, a veil, and a blindfold. Each guest gets a turn to try pinning the veil on the bride’s head in the picture, while blindfolded of course, and after being spun around multiple times. Whoever gets it pinned on the best wins!

Pin the Veil

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How to Bridal Shower: Themes (1 of 2)

For all the brides-to-be or people who like to plan ahead, having a bridal shower to remember is the best way to start out the wedding festivities. However, sometimes putting together the shower can be difficult, especially finding a theme that sets the perfect tone. Here are some iconic, classic themes that are a great way to get your planning off to good start.


For a Parisian theme, think romantic, classy, and fashion forward: fun lights and Eiffel Towers, wine, macaroons, and baguettes, bureaus and neck scarves. This theme is modern and glamorous, sure to make the party a blast.



Tea Party

A tea party theme is a fun way to bring your bridal shower outdoors. You could have a picnic at a local park or in your backyard, featuring finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, sweet treats, and of course, tea cups.

Tea Cups

finger sandwiches

Spa Day

Having a spa theme is a great way for you and your guests to have a relaxation day, especially as a break from all the wedding planning. Facials, massages, and mani/pedis are ideal to include, whether have them at home or at a spa.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme is for the LBD and brunch lovers. It is a formal event, requiring you to put on your best dress and pearls, and to wine and dine the night away in style.





Slumber Party

This theme is probably the best, because you can make your guests come in pajamas. Have fun lying on blankets and sleeping bags in the middle of the living room and snacking on your favorite junk foods.

Slumber party


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