Wedding Timeline: 1 Month Out (Series 3 of 3)

Wow, time sure does fly! It is already one month from marrying the man/woman of your dreams. There are a lot of odds and ends to tie up during this time. This last timeline will have you feeling calm and excited as the days dwindle down to walking down that aisle!

1 month before your wedding day:

  • Get your marriage license
  • Assign seating
  • Have final gown fitting. Make sure to bring along MOH so she knows how to help with the dress!
  • Check in with bridal party. All dresses and formalwear ready!
  • Make last-minute adjustments with vendors.
  • Create a wedding program to hand out to guests.

Few weeks before:

  • Confirm all details with your venues.
  • Make final vendors payments.
  • Print place and table cards
  • CONFIRM, CONFIRM, CONFIRM: call all wedding vendors (Your wedding planner will take care of this for youJ)
  • Song selection and must have photos requested
  • Don’t forget, last celebration before becoming a couple! Attend the bachelor/ette parties.

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The day has finally come! Here is the last to-do’s before you say “I do”!

  • Write out checks for any remaining vendors.
  • Rehearsal dinner and present gifts to attendants, parents, etc.
  • Last but not least, have the best night of your life!



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Wedding Timeline: 6 months Out (Series 2 of 3)

If you haven’t checked out our first blog post this week, it was centered around the 8-12 months before someone’s wedding day and the tasks that should be completed! The next stage in the planning process happens around 6 months from the wedding day. Make a checklist of these task or work with your wedding planner to ensure you are on track for the best day of your life

6 months before the bride and groom say I do!

  • A lot of times this can be forgotten, but very important is to attend pre-wedding counseling, if required/desired.
  • Design and order invitations
  • Purchase wedding rings.
  • Renew or get passports, if necessary.
  • Start researching cakes and florists.
  • Book your rehearsal dinner

3 months before the wedding day, these should be done:

  • Around this time most brides will be attending their bridal shower
  • Have the groom and groomsmen formalwear rented.
  • Look into wedding day transportation for bridal party and guests.
  • And another fun activity; test out different hair and make up artists.
  • Finalize on menu, flowers, readings, favors and the very important décor details.

Important to note, time is going fast and it is key to finalize your decision by now! Make sure you send out schedule to vendors, it’ll take time to get confirmation and everyone on the same page!

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Wedding Timeline: One Year Out (Series 1 of 3)

Being newly engaged is one of the most exciting things that can make happen to us! As the flood of congratulations come in, it is easy forget that the big day can creep up on us quickly! After the excitement dies down, we may find ourselves at a stand still. Where do I even begin planning? Should I find the venue, select my bridal party, or book my band first? There can be a lot of confusion on where and when to start. So we have provided a timeline that breaks down the planning process from one year to 3 months before your wedding day. No need to sweat, this will help make you at ease and bring you back to the excitement!

This post will include a timeline from 12-8 months before the big day. Of course, there is no exact timeline or order, but we have found this breakdown is helpful to create a wonderful wedding day.

  • 1 year before the couple should do most of the following:
  • First things first, celebrate of course!
  • Envision your wedding and start to create a budget.
  • Think about a “planning team”. This is where you may consider hiring a wedding planner! If so, they may manage this planning timeline for you.
  • Select a wedding date and time. (Make sure to have different choices and check with venues, officiant, and important guests, then confirm the date)
  • Book your ceremony and reception venues.
  • A tedious task, but important to start planning the guest list.
  • Ask friends and relatives to be in the wedding party.

8-10 Months before the couple should complete the following:

  • Book the catering (if not tied to venue), musicians, entertainment, and photography
  • Reserve hotels for out of town guests
  • One of the memory making tasks; bridesmaid dress shopping
  • Design and send save-the-date cards (between 6-10 months in advance); important all dates and times are confirmed before doing so!
  • And of course, say yes to the dress!!

Some other ideas within this timeline are register for gifts, and start planning a honeymoon if that is in your budget!




Thankful for Love: Holiday Inspired Florals

Late fall and early winter are an excellent time to incorporate warm, vivid florals. Generally brides will choose darker earthy tones this time of year. The pop of color provided by these flowers will bring warmth and elegance, despite the cooler temps. Generally, fall and winter florals are more affordable, as a lot of dried natural elements are used. Non-fresh florals for these seasons are remarkably realistic, too!


Deep oranges and reds juxtaposed with winter whites create an earthy bridal look.



Late November and early December are a perfect time to start getting into the holiday spirit! Pines and bright reds are simply beautiful together.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Cherry Blossom Events


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Thankful for Love: Holiday-Inspired Table Settings (1 of 2)

Even if the weather is cold outside, the warm colors of Fall are certain to make your guests feel comfortable and cozy. This year, some of the most popular table trends include pumpkins, pines, and candlelight. An earthy backdrop gives brightness and depth to the colors of Thanksgiving. These table settings are inviting, and will be sure awe your guests. The best part? Dried florals and pines, candles, and small pumpkins can be a relatively inexpensive, but an incredibly extravagant display! Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love, Cherry Blossom Events

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How to Avoid Breaking the Bank: Start With a Budget in Mind

It’s no secret that weddings get expensive. With a bit of planning beforehand and help from CBE, you can ensure an unforgettable wedding that won’t leave you broke. Here are a few tips on where to save money and how to best budget your funds!


  • Create your own invitations and save the dates! Buy supplies such as card stock, stamps or even invitation kits at any craft store.
  • For the less crafty brides, even choosing a simple black and white invitation in a conventional shape will save you a pretty penny.


  • Some community organizations provide members with special access to their venues, so be sure to check up on your memberships! Even give a call to your alma matter! This is usually a great way to save a few hundred dollars.
  • Lots of public places like local parks offer a beautiful back drop and charge low rental rates.
  • Some of the more nontraditional venues such as zoos, historical sites and aquariums charge lower fees. You’ll also save on decorations since the venue already provides an entertaining backdrop!
  • Holding your ceremony and reception at the same location also helps both you and your guests save money. Less transportation costs and you will only have one site fee to pay!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.45.30 PM


  • This may be a hard one for the brides who have been dreaming of a summer wedding ever since they were a little girl; however, it’s more likely that you will get a better deal for the same venue in January or February (except Valentines Day) than you would in June.
  • Avoiding Saturday night receptions is another easy way to save money since Saturdays are the most popular day to get married. Having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday night can make a big difference! Who wouldn’t love a Sunday brunch reception?!


  • Find a talented group of students to play music during your reception, or opt for the DJ option instead of a professional band.
  • Instead of offering a full bar, serve beer, wine and maybe a few signature cocktails. Have fun creating your own drinks and saving money!
  • A daytime reception – you’ll save hundreds serving lunch or brunch instead of dinner.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.46.37 PM


  • Get a few friends or family members to help complete some DIY projects. This will save money on buying centerpieces, floral arrangements and more!
  • Forego your out-of-season favorite flower (if possible) for the in-season blooms


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