Fall Color Schemes: Dusty Blue and Burgundy

Fall Color Schemes: Dusty Blue and Burgundy

Picking out a color scheme can be difficult, but these fall colors completely caught our eye! With jewel-tones and deep, rich colors being popular fall wedding choices, we thought that this pairing was absolutely stunning!

With burgundy being such a rich, outstanding color for fall, it can pair with a number of colors. The dusty blue gives a soft, feminine side next to the bold, romantic burgundy. By adding pops of blue in burgundy bouquets, or having the perfect shade of blue table linens you can create the perfect palette for your fall wedding!


























Geometric Wedding Trend

Geometric décor is a current trend that will continue to be seen more and more in weddings. It adds great detail to any theme and color palate. The unique shapes give your wedding the perfect chic vibe. So why not try incorporating this awesome trend into your wedding day with invitations, centerpieces, backdrop, or even your cake.

Metallic gold and bronze are the most popular for geometric décor, while adding darker colors into flowers or table settings will make any wedding more modern. Maybe you’re more of a vintage or whimsical bride. Soft romantic colors, and adding in some greenery or succulents will do just the trick. Below are some of our favorite geometric décor ideas!



































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Vendor Spotlight: Green Blooms

Green Blooms is a brand new non-profit beginning in Madison and seeks to give your wedding and event flowers a second wind by donating them to hospitals and nursing homes.  We talked with Natalie Imbimbo, the non-profit’s creator to learn more about Green Bloom’s mission and how to donate!

natalie headshot real

How did your non-profit begin? What led you to starting this project?

Green Blooms started out of three distinct ideas- my love for flowers,  passion for green living, and my desire to give back. Since I was little I have always wanted to work with flowers. They have the ability to instantly change your mood, make you smile and feel calm all at the same time, which is very powerful! Sustainability is very important to me, that’s why I am putting my focus on the “one time use” market of event flowers. Although flowers are just a decor item, they have such a strong meaning tied to them, They are our way to show others that they are loved and cared about. “Giving back” means different things to different people. I find such joy in helping others discover a new avenue for donation in their community. I love being able to take beautiful, natural elements, give them a new life, and deliver them to those in need of cheer.

Tell us how it works!

It’s easy! We will pick up the flowers at the end of the event (or the next morning depending on the venue), re-arrange your flowers into smaller bouquets if needed, and deliver them to area nursing homes, hospitals and shelters. If your vases are rented, we will deliver the vases back to your florist if they are within the Madison metro area. As a small non-profit organization, we have a suggested donation to help cover fuel costs, supplies, and operational expenses. The donation is typically 10% of the market value of your flowers. For example, if you spend $2000 on flowers, the suggested donation is $200. Upon delivery of flowers, donors will receive a thank you letter along with photos of their flowers serving their second purpose and a tax deductible letter that indicates the market value of your donated flowers plus the monetary donation for our services.

What do you hope the community will gain from your non-profit?

Flower donation is an easy, low commitment way to give back. By repurposing “one time use” flowers and delivering them to the ill and elderly in our community, we show them that we care and support them through a simple and beautiful gesture.

What else would you like folks to know about your project?

Flower donation is tax deductible!! We help people go green and earn some green by recycling their event flowers.  Green Blooms is a brand new non-profit and we are currently working diligently on our 501(c)(3) status and our website GreenBlooms.org (under construction). Call or email me to book your flower donation pick up.

Natalie Imbimbo 561.445.0984 info@greenblooms.org

Environmentally Conscious Wedding Ideas (1 of 2)

If you’re an environmentally conscious couple, you may be a bit stressed about the ecological footprint your wedding will have.  Though it can be easy to produce a lot of waste at a typical wedding, it can be just as easy to reduce it!  In this and an upcoming post, we’ll be sharing some simple ways to minimize the environmental impact of your wedding without reducing the fun, the style, or the experience.

+Serve food that is grown and prepared locally as much as possible, and choose dishes that feature in-season produce.  This helps keeps resources used to transport food, as well as chemicals used to grow it, to a minimum.  Plus, it will taste much fresher!  Some families even choose to cater the wedding themselves.  While this certainly takes a lot of time and hard work, it can be a good option if you love your family’s cooking!


+Just like with food, flowers’ environmental impact varies a lot based on two things: how local they are and how in-season.  Choose flowers that are naturally growing right now to reduce the resources it would take to grow naturally out-of-season flowers.  And contact local farms and florists to see how close to home you can source your flowers.  

flower+Consider having your ceremony and reception in the same location.  This drastically reduces the fuel your guests will use and the emissions all that driving would produce.  The bonus is that it can be much less stress for your guests and for you!  

Check back on the blog later this week, when we’ll be sharing a few more easy tips for reducing the environmental impact of your wedding!


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Minimalist Wedding Design (2 of 2)

Earlier this week, we looked at minimalist trends in wedding invitations, dresses, and bouquets.  In the second half of our series on pared-down wedding style, we’ll share some simplified tablescape and cake ideas!

Keep your table tops simple with dainty floral centerpieces.  Also consider keeping tabletop decor low so as not to obstruct conversation and views.  Thrift various glass bottles and vases (or recycle your own!) and don’t worry about decor looking too sparse—the simplicity itself is the statement.

lights tabletop

minimalist tabletop collage

A minimalist wedding cake can still have lots of character, texture, and personality without being over-the-top.  Add flowers and greenery that tie in with your other decor to bring in more naturalness and life.

minimalist cake collage


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Minimalist Wedding Design (1 of 2)

When you think of the term “minimalist”, what comes to mind?  Lots of people assume that “minimal” will really mean “empty” or “boring.”  But not so!  Instead, minimalism can mean a range of things, and ultimately looks like simplified, thoughtful design.  For the first of our two posts about minimalist wedding design, we’ll talk about invitations, dresses, and bouquets.

Set the tone for your simplified celebration right away with pared-down invitations.  Under the umbrella term of ‘minimalism’, your personal style has a place.  Pretty and feminine, modern and bold, or classic and traditional—wherever you are on the spectrum, catch your guests’ interests with these simple styles.

minimalist invite collage

When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, embracing minimalism doesn’t have to mean giving up on sparkle, texture, or beautiful design.  Instead, consider clean lines, thoughtful structure, and relatively low-fuss style.

minimalist dress collage

Keep flowers simple and natural by sticking to one type or one color palette.  Add texture and warmth with natural-looking elements like burlap or twine.

minimalist flower and bouquet collage

Remember that simple doesn’t have to mean boring and that minimalist design can be applied to any style to lend elegance and intentionality.  What are other ways to use minimalist design to really make your wedding memorable?  Check back later this week when we’ll be discussing minimalist tablescapes and wedding cakes!


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Incorporating Florals (2 of 2)

Fresh flowers bring life to every wedding! Take your wedding to the next level by creatively incorporating florals into your big day. Here are some more unique ideas to get you started!

Floral Backdrops:

Create a beautiful floral background to set the stage for your ceremony and/or to provide a fun photo opportunity for your guests! For a looser look, try stringing flowers to fishing line.

floral backdrops

Floral Wedding Cakes:

If you’re looking to turn heads when it comes to your wedding cake, look no further! Using flowers is an easy way to make your cake stand out. With so many different floral options, this idea can easily be applied to match any wedding style.

floral cakes

Floral Arches:

Construct a floral arch to provide the perfect setting to say your “I Do’s.” Make sure to choose flowers that will hold their shape well and don’t lose their petals easily. Carnations are a great option!

wedding arches


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