Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Guestbooks are great ways to look back and remember the people that were a part of all the cherished memories from your wedding day. While classic and traditional guest books are still popular, unique and interactive alternatives are a fun way to get your guests more involved. So, forget about the simple journal and pen and check out some of our favorite non-traditional ideas.

Signs, benches, pictures, etc., all of these are great ideas that can be used as décor in your home long after the wedding is over.












Another great alternative guestbook idea is advice cards. With guests of all ages, there will be no doubt that you receive plenty of helpful advice. Giving guests the opportunity to write their wishes for the happy couple provides a sweet and sentimental keepsake.










Create a time capsule with messages and videos that can be opened on your 1st anniversary or set out a camera for guests to take polaroid’s of themselves. If you have a large wedding, it may be difficult for your photography to capture photos of all your guest, so this is another nice way to look back to see everyone that came out to celebrate your big day.












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Guestbook Alternatives: Advice Cards

All throughout your life those close to you have been giving you their advice. Instead of trying to remember it all, give your guests the opportunity to write down all the do’s and don’ts of marriage for you. This is a great way to let your friends have a little fun, while your grandma thoughtfully reminds you to always iron his pants.

Leave them out on the tables for guests to sign as the night goes on. Or set up a table that matches your wedding theme. You can even set up a script to get their creative juices flowing.


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Relive Your Big Day: Recalling the Reception (1 of 3)

As exciting as the wedding day is, it comes and goes in a flash! A tremendous amount of money, time, and energy has gone into planning this wonderful day, so why let the memories fade. Whether it is 3 months from now or a year later, there are so many great ways for the bride and groom to relive their big day. These first ideas are ways for the couple to remember their reception. It is hard to soak in all the elements when they are mingling with all their guests, filling up on great food, and dancing the night away.

GuestBook Piñata: This unique suggestion allows for the bride and groom to capture moments that were apart of their big day that others enjoyed! It is hard to remember what every guest complimented or enjoyed when the couple is focused on finally being married! This guestbook idea helps the couple to have reminder of what their guest found special and loved about the wedding day! The way this guestbook works is the guest each take a slip of paper and write down what they enjoyed about the couple’s wedding day! Have the guest sign the slip and shovel in some confetti as well! This is a fun and memorable way to see what was special about your day, relive memories, and reminder about who got to share the big day with you! You will never know what moments you might have missed while you are taking photos or talking to guests! Also, make it a game with your partner. Whoever cracks the piñata fist gets to pick the next date!

Check out this website for some gorgeous wedding piñata ideas!


Music Mix: When choosing your first dance song, father-daughter dance, and more there are a lot of options out there. As the years go on, you don’t want to forget or mix up what those special songs were. This music mix is a fabulous way to relive the music that was played on your wedding night. All you need to do is ask the D.J. or band to write you a set list for those special songs! This could be a great playlist when you are on a long road trip, making dinner together, or just when you want to sit back and relax with your loved one! Those butterflies and emotions will sure to float back and take you back to that very moment! Another option, a great anniversary gift as well if you keep it a secret from the other!




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There’s an App for That: Smartphone Essentials

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to plan wedding festivities, make your guests feel more involved, and help you remember your special day! Check out these must-have apps and ideas:

1. WeddingDJWant to save money on a DJ? This app lets you organize music by portions of your day and you can control it from your iPod or iPhone. iTunes sells this app for just $4.99. You can even put a line for requested songs on your RSVPs—not only will this make your guests feel more involved, but it will also help you create the perfect playlist!


2. WedPicsYou can bet that your guests will be taking pictures on their phones at your wedding, why not share them? WedPics works on iPhones and Androids, you can invite an unlimited amount of guests to your private wedding album, access the real-time high-resolution photo feed with comments, and it’s all free! Instead of having a traditional wedding guest book, encourage your guests to take a picture of themselves with a nice note on this app!


3. #Hashtag Your Wedding — Want to discover all the fun moments your guests have to share from your wedding? Create a special hashtag for your wedding and encourage your guests to use it so you can easily find everyone’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine posts later. Make it even more special by asking your guests to tweet and post their best newly wed advice!


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Guest Book Alternatives: Say Cheese (3 of 3)

Pout your lips and get ready to pull the funniest face you’ve ever made! This idea is all about the #selfie, yes I said it. Load a polaroid camera with plenty of film and set up a photo station for your guests to snap a quick picture of themselves or with their friends! Set out a guest book with empty pages and some double stick tape, so that your guests can simply attach their developed picture onto a page. Your guests can accompany their photo with a heartfelt note or a congratulatory message to accompany the photo. This is a cute and quirky way to remember your guests and capture the moment.




Guest Book Alternatives: Keeping Warm (2 of 3)

Calling all crafters and sewers out there, here’s a cozy way to commemorate your special day: a guest quilt! Cut out square pieces of fabric for your wedding guests to sign and decorate. Make sure to put a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric to prevent it from bleeding through! Collect all the squares and sew them together. This creative guest book alternative will be a family treasure for years to come!










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Guest Book Alternatives: Tree Book (1 of 3)

How tree-rific is this guest book alternative? Bad jokes aside, we love this creative idea to commemorate your wedding day and those who helped celebrate with you! Have your guests sign the tree ring using black sharpie markers and encourage them to share a special story or memory they shared with you! This idea is perfect for spring and will totally complement an outdoor wedding! After all the festivities, you can display your signed tree ring in your home or in your garden to always remind you of your special day!


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