Wedding Trend: Geodes and Agates

One trend we wouldn’t mind continuing to stick around is incorporating these beautiful stones into your special day. We’ve been seeing this trend for the past few years and love seeing all the different ways it can be incorporated into wedding design. Coming in vibrant to neutral colors and stunning sparkle, they are sure to catch everyone’s eye! We are especially loving the watercolor meets agate designs we are seeing as of late.

And can you believe some of these cakes are edible?! These stunning masterpieces are made out of sugar and are absolutely mesmerizing. You can add this trend into your dessert or almost any part of your wedding, including invitations, calligraphed agate slices, and table numbers. Check out these photos for inspiration!


Here are a few pictures from a CBE Real Wedding where we incorporated the look of the agate trend originally featured on the couple’s invite.



Be Our Guest: Save the Dates (1 of 2)


When you are newly engaged, you can’t wait to tell family and friends of the news. Save the dates are normally sent out at least 6-9 months in advance of your wedding date. They are great for all guests, especially traveling ones, to be able to spare time and save your date. It is also a great way to show you and your husbands personality off.

Whether you add a prop or create your own masterpiece, these are fun ideas that show off a more youthful side.









Show your love for your furry friends by adding them to your engagement photos and creating these super cute save the dates.










If you and your husband are sports fans, why not incoporate your favorite team or create your own save the date admission tickets for your guests.










If you’re having a destination wedding, these are great ideas for your guests to remember to book their flight in advance.















These multi-purpose save the dates will be sure to stick with your guests and are convenient because they can be used even after your wedding.











Mark your calendar. With this idea, your guests can mark their calendars with your picture to make sure to remember the big day.


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Minimalist Wedding Design (1 of 2)

When you think of the term “minimalist”, what comes to mind?  Lots of people assume that “minimal” will really mean “empty” or “boring.”  But not so!  Instead, minimalism can mean a range of things, and ultimately looks like simplified, thoughtful design.  For the first of our two posts about minimalist wedding design, we’ll talk about invitations, dresses, and bouquets.

Set the tone for your simplified celebration right away with pared-down invitations.  Under the umbrella term of ‘minimalism’, your personal style has a place.  Pretty and feminine, modern and bold, or classic and traditional—wherever you are on the spectrum, catch your guests’ interests with these simple styles.

minimalist invite collage

When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, embracing minimalism doesn’t have to mean giving up on sparkle, texture, or beautiful design.  Instead, consider clean lines, thoughtful structure, and relatively low-fuss style.

minimalist dress collage

Keep flowers simple and natural by sticking to one type or one color palette.  Add texture and warmth with natural-looking elements like burlap or twine.

minimalist flower and bouquet collage

Remember that simple doesn’t have to mean boring and that minimalist design can be applied to any style to lend elegance and intentionality.  What are other ways to use minimalist design to really make your wedding memorable?  Check back later this week when we’ll be discussing minimalist tablescapes and wedding cakes!


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Vendor Spotlight: Saffron Avenue

1Q2A9039Angela and Kiley SMP-042









If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding stand out in a crowd, look no further! Angela, founder of Saffron Avenue, brings all of the pretty lettering ideas you’ve pinned on Pinterest to life! From invitations and menus to place cards and signage, Angela goes above and beyond to make your wedding branding dreams come true.  Her work embodies style, creativity, originality, and is perfectly tailored to you!

Her website design services are just the cherry on top! We love that for her own wedding, she decided to  branch out and create her own wedding website that encompassed the theme and style she was going for!

What are you waiting for?! Head on over to to start personalizing your wedding today!

Red, White, and I do: Save the Date (2 of 2)

The key to having your wedding on the 4th of July or any holiday is planning ahead. You should send save-the-dates as early as 8-12 months before your wedding so your guests can keep the day open for the busy holiday weekend. While this seems extremely early, you can bet people will make plans over the 4th if they don’t know to keep it open for your special day. This also gives your guests the opportunity to buy hotel rooms and air fare ahead of time before they get too expensive or booked. This many not give you time to take professional engagement pictures for the save-the-dates, but cute matchboxes with your names, date, and location are just as great!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.31.46 PM
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Combo Card: RSVP + Song Request

After re-watching the film Bridesmaids (for the umpteenth time), I got to thinking about all the over-the-top preparations that went into fictional bride Lillian’s wedding. For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of seeing this witty and ridiculously quotable movie, you may remember the talking RSVP card box complete with a live butterfly. I think we can all agree this is a little extravagant—let’s save the butterfly release for after the ceremony, people. A more laidback but no less creative RSVP option comes in the form of a response-cum-song request card. Allowing guests to pick their favorite get-down-on-the-dance-floor jam will ensure they have a good time during the reception and take the pressure off you when attempting to create a cohesive playlist for your hired DJ or band. Happy guests and a happy couple…what could be better than that?


Photography credit: A Paper Proposal

Save the Dates with Style: Custom Handkerchiefs (3 of 3)

These vintage inspired DIY handkerchiefs are the perfect Save the Date idea for the couple looking for something out of the ordinary. We loved this idea because of the rustic feel and intimate vibe that your guests will experience as soon as they open up this pretty little package. Along with the handkerchief, you can include a notecard giving more wedding details and a special message requesting the guests bring the handkerchief to the wedding, for those happy wedding day tears of course. A simple step-by- step tutorial for these beauties can be found here!