Vendor Spotlight: Creative Confections

Creative Confections is a licensed home bake shop owned by Alicia Russell. With over 30 years of experience, Alicia characterizes herself a perfectionist, and her work certainly reflects her attention to detail and mastery of her craft. A master at numerous techniques including Austrailian fondant, figuring piping, and Lambeth, Alicia is always up on the latest techniques, styles, and trends.

Below are some of the beautiful cake creations by Creative Confections

Spring Party

We love any reason to celebrate and took some time last year to celebrate the arrival of spring with our families and friends! Olin Park Pavilion was the perfect venue and some small furry friends were the stars of the show!!

A special thanks to A la Crate Vintage Rentals, Event Essentials, Crescendo Coffee, Bloom Bake Shop, KP Designs, and Carly McCray for making this special event possible!


Walking Down the Aisle: Indoor (2 of 2)

It is every couples hope that their guests will feel the beauty of the wedding aisle regardless of the extravagance. While it is the couples’ pathway to the alter, your guests will hopefully appreciate the journey to their seats as well, signifying the start to a wonderful day. If your ceremony will be held indoors, there are many details that can be added to your venue to create the picture perfect aisle. Check out these ideas to spruce up the walkway to “I Do”.



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Walking Down the Aisle: Outdoor (1 of 2)

The moment has finally come for the most important steps a person makes on their wedding day, down the aisle. The design of the aisle really sets the tone for the rest of the day and can be done in a variety of different ways. Specifically for outdoor weddings, the use of greenery and floral arrangements to center the walk to the alter can be spectacular. Depending on venue, wood and other nature aspects can add a wonderful touch of the outdoors to fit your wedding theme location. Check out these ideas for lining the aisle with beautiful designs for that pivotal moment on your wedding day.


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Vendor Spotlight: Crescendo espresso bar + music cafe


Every couple is always looking for the one factor that will set their special day apart for their guests. If you are someone in the Madison area looking for something unique to add to your wedding or event in general, look no further. Crescendo is an espresso bar and music cafe located on Monroe Street that offers a wonderful atmosphere and coffee, both in their shop as well as on the road. The founding team of Cait and Paul Sirianni are a duo focused on serving their customers and community well, which they certainly do exceptionally.

Crescendo hosts various events throughout the week to provide local artists with a space to share their talents, creating not only just a coffee shop but a welcoming community.


In addition to their brick and mortar shop, Crescendo travels with their mobile cafe, bringing the goodness of their coffee to your event. You may also see Crescendo in various spaces around Madison, with their pop-up shop featured in other local businesses in the city. To see where Crescendo is or to request a booking for your wedding or event, visit their website


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Valentine’s Day Wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Cherry Blossom Team! We known today is centered around those you love most, so it makes sense that couples choose February 14th as their wedding day. And an extravagant occasion deserves nothing but the best details, especially on Valentines day. Check out these beautiful decoration ideas to spread the love on your Valentines inspired wedding day.



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The Great Outdoors

Picking the location of where to host your wedding day can be one of the biggest decisions in the planning process. Instead of looking at traditional indoor venues, people are now venturing into the outdoors to use nature as their wedding space. Whether that is in a field, in the forest, in the mountains or on a beach, these locations are growing in popularity.  The Wisconsin weather can make outdoor weddings an adventure but the payoff is huge!

Specifically, forests have become increasingly popular and make a unique and bold statement as a venue. If you’re the type of couple who loves the pure beauty of nature, a wedding day spent in the amongst the trees might be for you. With raw beauty at the center of the outdoor wedding design rustic and elegant elements meet in a beautiful way. Check out these outdoor wedding set ups for ideas for your ceremony or reception in the great outdoors.




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