Gift Giving: Wedding Party Gifts (2 of 2)

Friends and loved ones are a huge part of your wedding day. Consider giving your bridal party gifts that commemorate their contribution to making your wedding memorable and keeping you sane throughout the wedding planning process. Think about what your bridal party has committed financially to be there for you on your wedding day and the celebrations leading up to it, and choose a gift that shows your appreciation. Jewelry, glassware, and pampering gifts are all popular gifts for your wedding party. Personalizing the gifts with a special note of thanks is always a plus. Check out a few of our favorite creative wedding party gifts below.

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Bridal Party Gift Ideas: Groomsmen (2 of 2)

We’re back with more of our favorite bridal party gift ideas. If you missed our post on bridesmaids gifts, check it out here! Today, we’re talking Groomsmen!

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If you’re hoping to not break the bank, socks are a great way to go! Buy each groomsmen a pair that represents their personality or favorite sports team. They also make for fun wedding photos!

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Watches are a very practical gift to give to your groomsmen. Buy the same brand watch to ensure you’re spending the same amount on each man, but make it personal to each one by choosing different colors and styles!

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What a fun idea! Give each of your groomsmen a bobblehead of themselves to keep on their desk at work. This gift is sure to be a hit with lots of laughs!

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If your budget allows, give your groomsmen the gift of experience! You could go skydiving, run a race together, attend a football game, etc… Treat your best guy friends to a day they’ll never forget!

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The Informed & Involved Groom: Groomsmen Gifts (1 of 2)

Unlike women, men typically have not been daydreaming about their wedding for years. They also haven’t created Pinterest boards to plan out their ideal wedding from start to finish. That’s why it’s the bride’s job to keep the groom informed, but most importantly involved when it comes to planning your special day.

It’s important that instead of telling the groom what to do, you give him suggestions and allow him to make some decisions on his own. One of those decisions being which gifts to give the groomsmen. The groomsmen play a vital role in your wedding, so it’s essential that you show appreciation for their contribution. Picking out gifts for the bridal party is not always easy. Help your groom out by giving him a few suggestions on gifts for his groomsmen.


Engraved Pilsner Glass



Custom Money Clips

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These are more of the common gifts seen at weddings today. Some of the men have now been in multiple weddings and therefore may have quite the collection of money clips, flasks, bottle openers and beer mugs. Look below for some of the more unique ways to show thanks to the groomsmen.

Man Cave Signs

man cave


Personalized Grill Tool Set


Leather Business Card Holder

biz cards


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Groomsmen Gifts: A Tie ( 3 of 3)

It is safe to say that every man can always use another tie. This is why, a gift of a tie for your groomsmen, serves as a great way to show your gratitude. Similar to the bridesmaid’s gift of a necklace, the tie is something that all of the men can wear on your wedding day and beyond. With a unique presentation, such as placing them in a box with a personal message, you can say “thank you” in exactly the right way! Personalizing the gift by embroidering the date of your wedding will add a memorable aspect to your gift!

Groomsmen Gifts: Baskets (2 of 3)

In “Bridesmaid Gifts: 1 of 3- Baskets!” we suggested the idea of giving your bridesmaids a basket filled with different items for your wedding or for their enjoyment in general. This idea works for both women and men! You can take a box or a basket and fill it with items that your groomsmen will love. For example, in the picture featured, the groom chose to put “Maker’s Mark,” a flask and brownies in the box for his groomsmen. More general gifts such as a favorite drink or food, or will both satisfy and excite your family and friends that you have chosen to be by your side on this special day.

Groomsmen Gifts: A Shaving Kit (1 of 3)

In our latest blog entries we discussed different gifts that a bride could give to her bridesmaids, in order to show her gratitude for their support throughout both the wedding process and in their lives. Not only do the bridesmaids deserve this recognition, but the groomsmen as well.
One great idea is to give your fellow groomsmen, a personalized shaving kit. In the pictures below, the groom ordered a classic, leather bag with each groomsman’s initials. It will be something that the guys can use before and after the wedding, as well as for the wedding. (Just another way to make sure that your groomsmen are property groomed on your big day!) This gift works in many ways and there is no doubt that your groomsmen will love it!