Wedding Lighting

One important aspect of a wedding that can often be overlooked by the bride and groom is lighting. Spending some time on this detail can really leave an impact, drawing the attention of guests and adding drama to any setting. Radiant chandeliers or twinkling canopy lights can be the perfect finishing touch to a soft, romantic wedding. Looking for something a bit more contemporary or urban, overhanging wired light bulbs can be a wonderful choice. Remember, with whatever route you go, getting a little creative and choosing the right lighting can really contribute to and transform your wedding décor, creating an unforgettable ambiance.

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A Word of Caution: Wish Lanterns

A beautiful glow of lanterns in the night sky brought to you by the wishes of family and friends. It’s a great concept and an awe-inspiring view, but just how safe are wish lanterns?  Turns out, not very.

The nighttime wedding send-off made popular by the Disney movie Tangled has made the wedding inspiration lists of many brides-to-be.  However, as some are learning, the fairy tale concept may have to stay in the animated world.

The city of Madison (and many other states and municipalities) has banned the use of sky lanterns, stating that the users “would not be able to ensure that the lanterns were not near combustibles or that the use of the sky lantern would not result in an unwanted fire”. These lanterns have actually been the cause of a number of serious fires.  However, they can be used in wide open spaces not under a burn ban.

So before you get your heart set on this trendy idea, check the state and local rules regarding their use for your wedding location!

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Lighting: The Twinkle Light (3 of 3)

The twinkle light. This type of light does so much more than just lighting up a room. With its romantic feel, the light will make your ceremony and reception feeling straight out of a fairytale. There are many different ways to utilize these lights. One basic, yet still gorgeous way, is to drape the lights around the room. Another modern approach, featured in the picture on the right, is to hang the lights in columns. The lights can serve as a backdrop for your ceremony, or as just a decoration for your reception; the choice is all yours! Lastly, in the other picture featured, the couple chose to create a chandelier shape, creating a beautiful scene or their reception. With this type of light, your wedding will be both elegant and romantic.

Lighting: Chandeliers (2 of 3)

Chandeliers have always been a classical event lighting choice and popular in many wedding ballrooms, but consider incorporating a chandelier into your outdoor wedding for a real wow moment. Highlighting your ceremony with a single chandelier hung from a tree is a beautifully whimsical choice. Mix and Match several vintage chandeliers hung from trees for an outdoor dinner and dance and create a truly elegant outdoor event. When the sun goes down, your reception will be looking like a magical forest, ready for your friends and family to dance the night away.

Lighting: Color (1 of 3)

The choice of lighting for your wedding can really impact the mood of your event.  Lighting sets the tone for the style and feel of your event. Uplighting a room can highlight architectural details or add dimension to a simple room. Mixing table lighting with uplighting creates a magical feel to any room. For a more club-like vibe for your reception, choose bold colored uplighting, such a blue or purple. For a more romantic vibe, use warm gold and pink or cool platinum white. Adding lighting to your décor plans will certainly create a large impact.