The Wedding Party: Bridesmaids (1 of 3)

So you just got engaged and it’s time to pick those special ladies that will support you throughout the journey to your big day. Once that decision has been made, you are all off to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. What better way to show your appreciation than by making those closest to you look as beautiful as ever. Below are some of the most popular and exciting bridesmaid trends.

If you are looking to keep a traditional feel to your wedding, choosing to have the bridesmaids wear the same color and dress is the way to go.

Looking for something a bit more unique. Why not try a different style of dress, but all still the same color. This way the ladies will be able to choose a style that best fits them and their personality, while still having your wedding party look put together.

Today we are seeing more and more brides choosing to have their bridesmaids wear different styles and colors. Some decide to go with different shades of the same color, while others opt for completely different colors, but all still within the wedding theme and color palate. Just make sure if you choose this route you spend time ensuring the mix of colors are nicely balanced.

For those really looking to make a bold statement, pattern in bridesmaids dresses is a fun trend to consider as well.

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Vendor Spotlight: Linyage

If you’ve ever considered incorporating a family heirloom into your wedding attire (a grandparent’s wedding gown for example) or even just found yourself inspired by the vintage charm of lace, you must consult linyage design house.  Designer Lindsay Ulness and Creative Director Sarah Hrudka want to help brides reimagine their something old and something new.  By incorporating lace either from the bride or from Lindsay’s personal collection, linyage creates a new piece, custom fit for the wearer and imbued with history and one-of-a-kind charm.  

linyage also creates vintage-inspired lingerie, lace toppers, and more.  If you’re interested in having a unique piece made for your wedding, linyage is the answer—check out photos of their work here and their Facebook here.  


CBE Owners’ Monirose Bespoke Gowns

Before this year’s annual Frostiball at the Overture Center for the Arts,  Andrea and Sarah, owners of Cherry Blossom Events, partook in a very special process.  Each had a custom gown created for the event by Monirose, a bespoke bridal gown designer in Madison, Wisconsin.  

collage 3Monica of Monirose is a self-taught designer whose passion for custom one-of-a-kind gowns began during her own wedding dress search.  Unable to find something she truly loved at the price point she hoped for, she realized she could create her own—and she did!  And now she does exactly that for brides who crave a unique gown and a more personal experience when choosing what to wear on their special day.  Having been able to see her skills first hand as their past brides, bridesmaids and even mothers of the bride have worked with Monica, Sarah and Andrea fell in love with her process and decided it was a perfect fit for their Frostiball gowns.

collage a

collage s

Considering a custom wedding gown?  Andrea and Sarah share their experience with Monirose Bespoke Bridal:

We loved the experience of selecting fabrics and having such a personal experience with fashion.  It was amazing to see all of Monica’s beautiful work and watch her sketches come to life. We would recommend a custom gown with Monica to anyone!  It’s amazing to have a dress created just for you and your shape.  It was especially lovely to share the experience with each other for such a fun night out for us!


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Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses for Your Outdoor Wedding

As the weather really starts to warm up and more of the season’s weddings move outdoors, we’ve turned our attention to the best trends in bridesmaids outfits for warm-weather celebrations.  

These mix and match sundresses are a wonderful way to allow each of your bridesmaids to choose a dress they love.  The variation on the theme of your colors keeps things looking cohesive—with shades across the spectrum, very different textures, and even some fun pattern, each bridesmaid gets to look uniquely themselves and a part of your wedding theme and colors.  And we love the wedges for more casual outdoor spring weddings!

DRESSIs your style a bit more glamorous? You don’t have to go super light and flowy to do an outdoor wedding—choose luxe fabrics and details in a lighter color, and have bridesmaids opt for relaxed hairstyles.  This way, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the glam because of the heat.  And how sweet are the parasols?

1 dressLight flowy fabric.  Super bold print.  Pretty maxi style dress.  These tropical bridesmaids dresses are so fun and so cool.  A really gutsy pattern like this is a great way to add some visual interest to your wedding party’s attire, while the style and fabric of these allows your bridesmaids to stay cool in the sun.  

2 dress
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Vendor Spotlight: Brandi’s Bridal Galleria

You deserve to feel special and pampered during your wedding dress search.  That’s exactly what Brandi’s Bridal Galleria strives to deliver!  Brandi’s is known for their wonderful selection of high end, fashion forward gowns and their affordable prices—the best of both worlds.  

Brandi of Brandi’s Bridal grew up in Monroe, Wisconsin and studied Fashion Merchandising and Design at Illinois State University.  After working in the industry in jobs in San Francisco and New York City, she returned to her roots in the Midwest.  She opened Brandi’s Bridal in 2003 and it has been named “Wisconsin’s Best” place to buy your bridal gown 10 years running by Wisconsin Bride.  The Galleria also boasts a wide selection of bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and prom dresses as well as tuxedos.  

Brandi’s Bridal Galleria is located in New Glarus, Wisconsin.  You can schedule an appointment via the number listed on their website here.  


Minimalist Wedding Design (1 of 2)

When you think of the term “minimalist”, what comes to mind?  Lots of people assume that “minimal” will really mean “empty” or “boring.”  But not so!  Instead, minimalism can mean a range of things, and ultimately looks like simplified, thoughtful design.  For the first of our two posts about minimalist wedding design, we’ll talk about invitations, dresses, and bouquets.

Set the tone for your simplified celebration right away with pared-down invitations.  Under the umbrella term of ‘minimalism’, your personal style has a place.  Pretty and feminine, modern and bold, or classic and traditional—wherever you are on the spectrum, catch your guests’ interests with these simple styles.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, embracing minimalism doesn’t have to mean giving up on sparkle, texture, or beautiful design.  Instead, consider clean lines, thoughtful structure, and relatively low-fuss style.

minimalist dress collage

Keep flowers simple and natural by sticking to one type or one color palette.  Add texture and warmth with natural-looking elements like burlap or twine.

minimalist flower and bouquet collage

Remember that simple doesn’t have to mean boring and that minimalist design can be applied to any style to lend elegance and intentionality.  What are other ways to use minimalist design to really make your wedding memorable?  Check back later this week when we’ll be discussing minimalist tablescapes and wedding cakes!


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Top 5 Trends for Boho Weddings

Top 5 Trends for Boho Weddings

The traditional rules of wedding design are long gone! In their place- a wedding that is rich in personality, nature, and creativity. Think laid back atmosphere, fresh wildflowers, lots of greenery, pillowed seating, layered patterned rugs, long, flowy dresses, and a vast amount of variety! To get you started, here are the top 5 trends for boho weddings!


Tepees have taken over the boho wedding scene by storm! Brides and grooms all over are embracing this new approach to outdoor weddings as a unique way to bring their friends and family together. We suggest using lots of twinkle lights to create a warm, intimate atmosphere that is enjoyable for everyone!





Unconventional Seating:

Dare to be different by changing up the seating for your guests! We love this idea, because working with a variety of seats can add lots of character and personality to your wedding. You can mix and match chairs, exchange chairs for benches, or even bring in antique couches for your guests to sit on during the ceremony.





Naked Cakes:

Brides are choosing to bare it all when it comes to their wedding cake! For a more earthy looking cake, go the unfrosted route. Sprinkle on fresh flowers and greenery to make sure it gets the attention it deserves!

Watercolor Invitations:

Watercolor invitations are a beautiful way to ask friends and family to join you on your big day. This type of stationary gives off a whimsical, relaxed vibe that is sure to excite all of your loved ones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your wedding invitations using watercolors. We simply can’t get enough of this pretty paper!





Mix-matched Bridesmaid Dresses:
When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, brides are quickly jumping on the mix-matched bandwagon, and we can’t blame them! You love your bridesmaids for their individuality, so why not have them wear dresses that show off their personality? You can easily attain this look by switching up the style of the dress, the color, or both! We love the contrast that these unique dresses bring to your wedding party!




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