Seating Chart Inspiration


Matching friends, family, and coworkers can at times be tricky but what better way to show off your hard work than with an appealing seating chart.  A seating chart display is a great alternative to escort cards and place cards. Organizing your guests’ names and table assignments in one place is a great way to create an eye-catching thematic display. It also eliminates the likelihood of guests misplacing their cards while mingling.

Below are some of our favorite seating chart inspirations.


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Dangling Decor

Beautiful flowers and lighting are key ingredients to creating a gorgeous wedding day!   Getting creative with where to position these items can create a truly magical design. Hanging decor has become increasingly popular and adds a wow element to any event.  Whether it is floral arrangements, lighting or signage, seeing these elements dangling from the ceiling will be sure to set an elegant statement!



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Wedding Lighting

One important aspect of a wedding that can often be overlooked by the bride and groom is lighting. Spending some time on this detail can really leave an impact, drawing the attention of guests and adding drama to any setting. Radiant chandeliers or twinkling canopy lights can be the perfect finishing touch to a soft, romantic wedding. Looking for something a bit more contemporary or urban, overhanging wired light bulbs can be a wonderful choice. Remember, with whatever route you go, getting a little creative and choosing the right lighting can really contribute to and transform your wedding décor, creating an unforgettable ambiance.

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Geometric Wedding Trend

Geometric décor is a current trend that will continue to be seen more and more in weddings. It adds great detail to any theme and color palate. The unique shapes give your wedding the perfect chic vibe. So why not try incorporating this awesome trend into your wedding day with invitations, centerpieces, backdrop, or even your cake.

Metallic gold and bronze are the most popular for geometric décor, while adding darker colors into flowers or table settings will make any wedding more modern. Maybe you’re more of a vintage or whimsical bride. Soft romantic colors, and adding in some greenery or succulents will do just the trick. Below are some of our favorite geometric décor ideas!



































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Wedding Hashtags

Using a hashtag to bring your wedding  day onto social media is a very popular trend. It’s a way of allowing all your guests to help document your special day. With every creative hashtag comes planning how to display the name and ask your guests to share it. This can be done in a variety of different ways for the guests to use, as well as fun keepsakes for the couple. Check out these fun ideas to make your wedding hashtag a central element of your wedding day.

As far as creating the hashtag itself, there are some do’s and do not’s to watch out for. It is important for the name to be unique but easily remembered. If you want guests to be able to use the tag easily while they are posting, it is crucial to have it be easily accessible to make sure they are using the correct name. Below are some ideas of beautifully crafted signs to help guests remember to use your hashtag on their photos.


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Look into alternative methods of displaying your hashtag other than simple signs as well. Cutouts and directional signs are a fun way of letting your guests know how to tag their posts properly and make great items to keep after the wedding day as well.

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Another fun addition to your wedding is taking your hashtag one step further and creating a Snapchat filter with it. Creating your own filters on Snapchat has become very popular as well and is such a fun way for people to document themselves at your wedding. And making a filter is not a difficult task. Snapchat’s website allows for anyone to create an image to reflect an event and then allows anyone in the surrounding area to use it. Your guest will love it and it’s just one more detail to keep as a reminder of your wedding.



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Sweating for the Wedding

Maybe you are newly engaged and ready to look for the perfect dress, or you already have the dress and just want to look great in it on your big day. Either way, a majority of brides always want to be fit and look their best for their wedding, but not everybody is motivated enough to work out all the time and sometimes it just isn’t that fun. That is why we have created a list of great (and fun) tips and tricks to help get in shape for your wedding. Maybe even get your bridesmaids or future husband to join along.

Take dance lessons.

Grab your guy and jump into the world of ballroom dancing. Tango, waltz, cha-cha take your pick. And if you are brave enough, show your new moves off to your wedding guests. After all, why put in all that hard work if you’re not going to show off a bit.










Join a gym.

This is for someone that is a little more motivated to get up and head to the gym. But you don’t necessarily have to do it alone. Pick an accountability partner to keep you on track. If treadmills and lifting weights aren’t your thing, most gyms offer classes such as, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, or cycle.



Get outdoors.

Hike, bike, run, walk whatever, getting outside does the body and mind good. Even just being outdoors for 30-60 minutes will help reduce stress and keep you healthy.









Free internet workouts.

The internet now a days is full of free printable workouts to try right in the comfort of your own home. The trainers of Tone It Up have a ton of free workouts to tone every part of your body on their website. If you enjoy them and want more you can sign up for a membership. They even have a program called Sweating for the Wedding for brides and bridesmaids specifically. Here is a link to just a couple of their workouts.








Sign up for a 5k.

What better way to stay motivated than signing up for a race. There are some cities that hold 5ks for brides, bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party such as the Wedding Fun Run and I Do Dash. Other fun ones that aren’t wedding related include the Color Run, Hot Chocolate 15k/5k, and the Glo Run, with races in nearly every state.









Unique Bachelorette Party.

Opt out of the usually ways of celebrating a women’s departure from singlehood and go with a more unconventional idea of a bachelorette party. With some of the latest fitness trends of SoulCycle and Ballet Barre, why not try out a health-themed party. Another popular trend is aerial yoga. Gracefully suspending yourself 10 feet in the air… sure why not.




While these ideas aren’t proven to lose a ton of weight, they will keep you active and having fun. But in all honestly, don’t “sweat” it too much because no matter what you will be beautiful and glowing on your wedding day.


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Parfrey’s Glen Styled Shoot

At the end of May, we hiked up to Parfrey’s Glen to set up this gorgeous shoot. With the nature inspired invitation suite, the breathtaking florals, the dainty macaroons, and the perfect backdrop, we couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect day. Despite the heavy thunderstorms that were rolling in, Booth Photographics seamlessly captured all of the beautiful elements coming together.

Event Design and Coordination by Cherry Blossom Events; Photography by Booth Photographics; Invitation and Paper Goods by Saffron Avenue; Florals by Daffodil Parker; Hair and Makeup by The Purple Chair Salon; Baked goods from MsCo. Patisserie; Candlesticks and Vintage Mirror from A La Crate Vintage Rentals; Models from The Rock Agency; Table Runner from Silk and Willow; Rentals from Event Essentials

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