The Wedding Party: Groomsmen (2 of 3)

You didn’t think we forgot about the men, did you? Now that the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids have been found, it is time to find the groomsmen attire. Whether you are looking for something sophisticated, unique, or casual, there are some important things to take into consideration during your search. Take some time to make sure the color and style of tux coordinates with not only the bridesmaids, but with the overall theme of the wedding as well. You should also consider, dressing the groom in something that sets him apart from the groomsmen. Below are some great ideas for your wedding style of choice!

Classic black and white looks crisp and clean making it a good option for a more formal wedding. Navy is another popular choice that goes with nearly everything.

Looking to have a more casual wedding, no problem. These options would work great for an outdoor or rustic wedding.

Since mismatched bridesmaid dresses is a popular trend, why not try it for the groomsmen as well. Again, you can do so with different colors, styles, or both.

Adding color or mixed prints to the groomsmen attire is another fun option to consider.

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Casual Summer Looks for Grooms

Having a casual summer wedding?  While there are countless options for casual bridal styling, grooms’ get-ups can be a tad trickier.  We’ve rounded up a few casual looks for grooms and groomsmen that still look sharp.

In denim and chambray shirts, these groomsmen exude casual cool. Leather belts and similar-toned shoes across the board keep the look cohesive.

groom 1

This look is perfect for weddings on the water and in the sand.  Boat shoes and rolled cuffs keep things super casual, and the bowtie is a fun bit of style.  We also love the parallel between this bride’s unbuttoned bouquet and the groom’s loose, relaxed boutonniere.  

groom 2

Flax-hued separates work well against the natural background of any outdoor wedding.  With no tie, rolled sleeves, and the coordinating (but not matching!) pieces of this groom’s outfit, it’s perfect for a casual warm weather wedding!

groom 3

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50 Shades of Gray: Groomsmen Look

Guys we didn’t forget about you, we want you to look your best on your big day too! Gray tones are a hot trend for menswear this fall.  Choose lighter, almost silver tones of gray if you’re going for a more modern or casual look. This is perfect for outdoor weddings. Dress your groomsmen in vests or even add suspenders for a touch of personality. For more traditionalists, choose a dark charcoal gray suit. Gray tones are a refreshing change from the traditional black or white tuxes and are sure to keep your guy looking fresh, sophisticated, and totally classy.


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Cuff Him: Linked To The Big Day

Grooms, your wedding day is no time to be arrested; however, it is one of the few times it’s acceptable to be in cuffs…cufflinks, that is. Show your bride you know how to flex your sartorial muscles, and don a pair of cufflinks with some serious wedding day panache. For example, incorporate a touch of personalization with cuffs that bare you and your soon-to-be life partner’s initials. Another option is to style yourself in cufflinks that fit the theme of your wedding, like the wooden pair pictured below that display a decidedly rustic aesthetic. Cufflinks also make for phenomenal groomsmen gifts. Whether sporting cuffs that highlight a favorite pastime or wearing a pair that integrates a quirky phrase, cufflinks are an ideal way to subtly display your rarefied taste.

cufflinks CBE

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Boutonnière: DIY Tutorial

If you’re anything like me, your DIY skills leave something to be desired. This tutorial for homemade boutonnières, however, is simple enough for even the most arts and crafts challenged among us. Additionally, it can easily be customized to suit your floral scheme. So grab your tape, scissors, and ribbon. Let’s get our DIY on.DIY-boutonniere-supplies

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Flowers of your choosing – a few flat green leaves and one statement flower (in this case that includes a piece of holly, a sprig of rosemary, and a white rose)
  • Florist tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Corsage pin



1. Begin by trimming your flowers. Here, the rose was stripped of its green leaves, and outside pedals that weren’t perfectly white were removed. Be sure to leave approximately an inch of stem to ensure you have room to pin the boutonnière to your groom/groomsmen’s suit.


2. Next, layer the sprig of rosemary over the flat green holly leaf, and place the rose on top of both. Situate the statement flower and auxiliary garnishes roughly how you want them to appear when the boutonnière is finished.


3. Using the florist tape, wrap the flowers securely together.


4. Use ribbon to hide the unsightly tape, and secure the ribbon at the back of the boutonnière with a dab of hot glue.


Now you have an elegant hand-made boutonnière ready to be pinned on the groom and groomsmen. Keep in mind that while most flowers can be placed in the fridge for 24 hours, others will need to be made the day of the wedding to ensure the flora maintains a fresh, healthy look. Hiring a professional florist is always a great idea, and it takes pressure off the bride and groom on their big day. However, if your budget or style is better suited for this DIY project – we say go for it!

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Pretty in Prints: Chevron (1 of 2)

One hot trend for 2013 weddings is incorporating prints and patterns into your wedding décor.  From cakes to backdrops, apparel to table settings, these statement pieces are a wonderful touch that show the couple’s personality.

This year chevron has emerged as a popular pattern for all occasions and can really enhance a wedding design.  Add a splash of color to your groom’s ensemble with a chevron tie or add some flare to your reception with a chevron table runner or napkin.


Chevron Tie

This fun print can have its place in a traditional wedding as well. Using neutral colors, such as whites, silvers, and grays, this design can be incorporated into even the most elegant event. The beautiful cake below uses chevron as a classy center tier in this silver and white display.

Chevron wedding Cake

Chevron not quite your style?  These ideas can be used with other trendy patterns too!  Check back for more print inspiration later this week.

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For the Boys: Funky Footwear

Gone are the days of the stereotypical passive groom; now, the men are voicing their wedding day opinions and preferences more than ever. Guys love their kicks, and unique footwear ideas for the groom and groomsmen continue sprouting up on the wedding trend blogosphere. The gentlemen in the photo below are sporting Nike high tops with laces and matching ties colored vibrantly enough to rival a Starburst package. For further color coordinating, match the bridesmaids’ dresses (or bouquets) to the groomsmen’s laces. You’ll have a bevy of hues, creating a fresh and exciting color palette on the day of your nuptials. If urban-inspired high tops aren’t your thing, try earthy Tom’s or swanky oxfords in unexpected colors.


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