Creative Ways to use Watercolor

We love the watercolor trend! Whether it’s delicate calligraphy, soft subtle ombre or bold jewel tones, watercolor can add an artistic touch to just any wedding detail. Check out these romantic watercolor creations for inspiration!




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Trendy Cake Alternatives: Cookies (2 of 2)

Trendy Cake Alternatives: Cookies (2 of 2)

Who says cookies can’t be classy? Instead of a wedding cake, surprise your guests with a naked cookie cake or customized cookies served with a glass of cold milk. Check out these delicious cookie creations!




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Trendy Cake Alternatives: Let Them Eat Donuts (1 of 2)

Trendy Cake Alternatives: Let Them Eat Donuts (1 of 2)

We are so glad that cake isn’t the only acceptable wedding dessert anymore! Donuts are one of the latest dessert trends in parties and weddings and we LOVE it. Donut displays are easy to make and provide a fun addition to any dessert table. Not to mention the endless possibilities for a solid pun. Here are a few of our favorite donut displays!







Geometric Wedding Trend

Geometric décor is a current trend that will continue to be seen more and more in weddings. It adds great detail to any theme and color palate. The unique shapes give your wedding the perfect chic vibe. So why not try incorporating this awesome trend into your wedding day with invitations, centerpieces, backdrop, or even your cake.

Metallic gold and bronze are the most popular for geometric décor, while adding darker colors into flowers or table settings will make any wedding more modern. Maybe you’re more of a vintage or whimsical bride. Soft romantic colors, and adding in some greenery or succulents will do just the trick. Below are some of our favorite geometric décor ideas!



































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Alternatives to Wedding Cake (2 of 2)

There are dozens of alternative cake ideas in use currently, and even some that can span across every season. Most recently, having donuts as a main desert is a trend everyone is talking about. The donut wall brings together a fun presentation while providing a desert that everyone will love during any time of the year. The desert can be decorated according to your wedding specifically and the fun set up allows for guests to call it one of their favorite parts of the day.
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Another common new desert option is serving small shooters with a variety of choices for the guests to choose from. These can range from different cakes, puddings, pies, and more. If it fits inside a small glass, people will love it. This option gives people the freedom to try different things and provide a great desert for everyone.

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Finally, if you still want to stick to the traditional wedding cake but are looking for a different style, there are plenty of options to put a little extra something on your cake. Using metallic is a great way to draw attention and add extra glamour to decorating, and putting it on a cake is no exception. Recently, people have been combining these bold colors with hand painting on cakes. The two elements together add a stunning look and can turn a simple wedding cake into something to be admired.

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Alternatives to Wedding Cake (1 of 2)

According to Julia Child, “A Party without Cake is just a Meeting”. But recently, weddings have been challenging that idea with alternatives to cake for their guests. The traditional snapshot of the bride and groom sharing cake with each other is still done, they just use their own individual cake rather than one that everyone shares. Depending on the season of wedding, there are plenty of sweet treats to make your day stand out.

If fall is your season, try fitting with the time of year and have a caramel apple bar or even a popcorn buffet. Either of these choices is sure to be a hit and is fun for any aged guest.

a78caea5d9cc95f4c643eaf442323b60   caramel-apple-bar-big-sky-wedding-1

If you’re looking to have a winter wedding, think about having a warm treat for your guests to enjoy with various choices, the more variety the better.

800x800_1455765290503-image    smores-bar-candy-display

A spring wedding is a time of year where it may still be cold, but people are already getting excited for summer. If your wedding is around Easter, think about having various colored macaroons to match the season’s colors.

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Summer weddings scream ice cream, or at least they do now. Including a popsicle bar, or even in drinks would definitely get people talking.

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Trend: Geode Details (1 of 2)

The trend that’s cropping up all over weddings is earthy and dramatic.  Geode details are being incorporated into everything from cakes to invitations, so this week we’re looking at some highlights—the most chic ways to incorporate this trend into your own celebration!

collage 1

Geode-inspired cakes make a really cool, eye-catching piece Consider using actual stones and crystals as cake toppers and cake table decor.  And we love the sugar crystal-topped cupcakes, too!

collage 2
This geode chandelier would add drama and dimension hung over the head table or even over a guest book table.  If you love the natural, raw look of this trend, you could also incorporate the unfinished stones into your bridal jewelry.  As evidenced by these geode bottle stoppers, the trend can be applied to just about any little detail of your celebration!

Later this week, we’ll be highlighting even more ways to fold this earthy trend into your celebration, so we’ll see you then!


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