Wedding Hashtags

Using a hashtag to bring your wedding  day onto social media is a very popular trend. It’s a way of allowing all your guests to help document your special day. With every creative hashtag comes planning how to display the name and ask your guests to share it. This can be done in a variety of different ways for the guests to use, as well as fun keepsakes for the couple. Check out these fun ideas to make your wedding hashtag a central element of your wedding day.

As far as creating the hashtag itself, there are some do’s and do not’s to watch out for. It is important for the name to be unique but easily remembered. If you want guests to be able to use the tag easily while they are posting, it is crucial to have it be easily accessible to make sure they are using the correct name. Below are some ideas of beautifully crafted signs to help guests remember to use your hashtag on their photos.


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Look into alternative methods of displaying your hashtag other than simple signs as well. Cutouts and directional signs are a fun way of letting your guests know how to tag their posts properly and make great items to keep after the wedding day as well.

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Another fun addition to your wedding is taking your hashtag one step further and creating a Snapchat filter with it. Creating your own filters on Snapchat has become very popular as well and is such a fun way for people to document themselves at your wedding. And making a filter is not a difficult task. Snapchat’s website allows for anyone to create an image to reflect an event and then allows anyone in the surrounding area to use it. Your guest will love it and it’s just one more detail to keep as a reminder of your wedding.



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